Republican Party TV Commercial Casting in PA

By | April 16, 2015

A TV commercial is casting talent in the Pittsburgh PA area.

The commercial is set to film next week on Wednesday. Nancy Mosser casting in PA is looking to cast a real auctioneer, a female moderator, some white collar types, a few computer geek types and men / women between the ages of 25 and 70 to play a focus group. All roles except for the auctioneer are non-speaking roles.

Please see below for the submission instructions.

Talent needed for Republican commercial filming next Wednesday,April 22nd in the Pittsburgh area. Should be available all day and have a car to get to set. Must not have been seen in a political commercial in the last 3 months.

REAL AUCTIONEER – Any ethnicity. Please send video of you doing the fast-talking auction speak that you do at your auctions. Put “REAL AUCTIONEER” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $200

Female Moderator – 30s. Attractive. Any ethnicity. Non-speaking. Put “FEMALE MODERATOR” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $125.

White-Collar Males – Late 30s/40s. Any ethnicity. Must have business casual clothes. Put “WHITE-COLLAR MALES” in the subject line when submitting. Speaking role – $150. Non-speaking role – $125

Male “Computer Geeks” – 30-40 years old – Any ethnicity. Non-speaking. Put “COMPUTER GEEK” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $125.

Upscale Looking Men and Women – 40s-60s. Any ethnicity. Must have nice evening wear that you would wear to a fundraising event. Non-speaking. Put “UPSCALE” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $100.

Focus Group – Men and Women ages 25-70 years old. Any ethnicity. Non-speaking. Put “FOCUS GROUP” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $100.

Casting call for a TV commercial in Pittsburgh PA

PLEASE SEND A RECENT PHOTO TO MOSSERCASTING.TALENT@GMAIL.COM. Include your name, age, location and phone number.

Put whichever role you are submitting for in the subject line. You should send a photo that somewhat reflects the role you are applying for.

We will let you know if the client chooses you!

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