Singers for Teen Girl Group in Los Angeles, CA

Girl Group – Caucasian teen girls wanted!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Singers

Hello Angels! I’m Katy Anne and I’m going to move to L.A. for my new job.  Girl group L.A. Friday is still looking for 2 more singers to join their Los Angeles group.

We need at least 2 more Caucasian teen girls (ages 16-19) from Los Angeles to join the group.  Acapella isn’t the only thing that we’re doing.  We are doing cover songs, dance routines, original songs, singing videos and more.

Need your:
Full name
Date of Birth including year.
Sample of your audio recording, sample of you singing.
Where you live (including neighborhood, city and state)
Video of you singing (optional)
Phone number

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA

Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Katy Anne

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  1. Caylynn Crapeau

    Full name: caylynn rose crapeau
    Age: 15..
    Date of Birth including year: 08/03/00
    Where you live (including neighborhood, city and state) Yellowknife NT, Dettah (20 mins outside yellowknife)
    Weight/Height; 120lbs, 5’1
    Bio: I love singing and dancing but I’ve always found myself not good enough but I want to try and prove people wrong, im tired of living in a small town doing the same things everyday. For me I feel like I’m not going to go anywhere in life.. I dream of seeing myself singing on stage or acting in movies and tv series.
    Instagram/Facebook caylynn03 , caylynn crapeau

    help a girls dream come true.

  2. Taylore Hutto

    Hey… I’m taylore but I go by shae. I’m 5’7, I have long golden brown hair, brown eyes, I’m going to be 15 in less than a week and I’m Caucasian.
    I have been singing since I could talk and I love singing. I would love tryout for you group but I live in Florida and I don’t know if I would make it to audition before someone else..but anyhow if there is any way we could cooperate for me to audition, I would really appreciate that, thank you so much!

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