Auditions in Chicago, Lead and Supporting Roles in Indie Film Project


Independent filmmaker making a short film is looking for LEAD and SUPPORTING actors.
Location: Chicago, IL

Genders are flexible unless otherwise noted. Yes, if a character’s name denotes a specific gender, it can and will be changed to suit the gender of the actor.

Improv experience is a plus. This production is a short comedic character study.

Anna constantly is eating plain lettuce. Lunch, business meetings, movie dates, you name it and she’s got her ziploc baggy of lettuce. The lettuce drives her girlfriend Tammy to the point of leaving her. Anna realizes she is not as upset by her sudden break up as she “should” be, so she attempts to provoke a reaction with onions, lemon, and pepper. The salad fixings do not break through her dissociative demeanor, so she resigns to eating her lettuce and watching videos of violence through the safety of her laptop screen.


Anna is a dissociative young business woman. She is constantly eating lettuce as a form of control over her life. Her favorite movie is An Inconvenient Truth, and spends her free time watching videos depicting actual violence. Anna deals with the confusion and misinformation around her by turning off her emotions– after years of this, she cannot access them anymore.

The Protester spends his days standing in the hot sun on Michigan Avenue. He hand-paints his signs, and stands his ground. His signs have confusing language on them, it is unclear whether he is anti-gay or pro-gay.

Henry is obsessed with doing everything “right.” He still hasn’t found a partner to settle down with and is beginning to panic. Since most of his coworkers are businesswomen, he has decided that one of them will be suitable for procreating with. Once he impresses them with his presentation on planning for profits, one of them will come to him. He wants the picket-fence life, and his entire future depends on this presentation.

Tammy is a person who is completely comfortable in her own skin. Tammy is Tammy and could never be anyone else, nor does she try to change for others. Tammy genuinely likes Anna, is fascinated by her icy exterior. Tammy wants to know the real Anna, and has spent the past six months trying to get through to her.

Thursday July 14th 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
(All auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Decision Made: Friday July 15th
Rehearsal Monday July 18th
Shooting Starts: July 19th
Principle Photography Shooting Ends: July 20th
*Cast may be called upon between July 26th – Early August for pick up shots

Location: Chicago, IL
Payment: No Pay

One thought on “Auditions in Chicago, Lead and Supporting Roles in Indie Film Project

  1. Cari Dehne

    I would like to audition for the role of Anna. Seems a bit relate-able. This would be good experience for me as I have taken acting in college and throughout high school.


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