Auditions for Dancers in Cambridge, MA, Arabic Oriental Dance, Folkloric Dance

By | December 17, 2016

Dance Company Auditions in Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, MA

Type: Dance

SARAB-MIRAGE is a growing dance company designed to bring the beautiful dance forms of the Middle East and North Africa and its evolutions to new stages and audiences in New England, mostly around the Boston area. The focus is on Arabic Oriental Dance (Raks Sharqi) and sometimes fusion style belly dance, for stage and translating specific folkloric dance forms for diverse audiences. The dance company will support community events and charitable causes with their performances, develop new choreographies, and possibly compete in different places. We are also planning to produce and perform in our own theater show in the Spring.

Looking for dancers with at least one years dance performance experience who want to push their dance art! Dancers who have been longtime students and want to take the next step and challenge themselves are also welcome. You must be able to pick up choreography quickly, be receptive and dependable, be interested in better understanding the culture and context of the dance form, and be and up for carrying on the group’s projects. Being part of a company is not for everyone. Some dancers thrive at being soloists while others prefer to dance along side of other dancers. You must be willing to work as a team to put the entire troupe forward. A sense of humor, a generous heart and a desire to improve your dance personally and as a group are essential.

Commitment: You are expected to commit to the company for at least 6 months, starting no later than February and until the end of July 2017. It would be desirable but not required that you have an interest in continuing. We are looking for dancers who take joining a troupe seriously, who know that their actions affect all other company members, and who find being part of a collective enriching.

Development: You are expected to come to rehearsal prepared. That means rehearsing on your own during the week and maintaining your individual practice to keep your skills sharp. In order to do so, it is required that as part of your individual practice, you study with the company director (Seyyide) as a student in some of her regular classes, signing up and participating for a minimum of one class per week. You’re most welcome to study with other teachers in addition, but it is imperative that you keep your development in the style and discipline needed for the company work by studying with Seyyide. You are responsible for paying for these classes during the time of your commitment with the company. The most efficient way to ensure a weekly class with Seyyide for the least price is to sign up as a regular member, but there are other options. That involves an expense of about $200 every 4 months, it would take about $300 minimum then to cover the cost of at least one weekly class during the period of commitment required (6 months). Interestingly, you could also benefit from up to 4 hours per week of classes with Seyyide with very little more (it would cost about $235 for a 4 month membership with unlimitd classes offered).

Showing Up: You are expected to be present at all rehearsals and performances. If you have made a commitment to a performance you have made a commitment to the troupe. Each dancer is held as being crucially important and as such we need you present. Currently Sarab-Mirage has been rehearsing mostly on Wednesday evenings after 8 pm and sometimes on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, and you should expect an average of 1.5-2 hours per week.

Dues & Financial Obligations: At this time, all dancers chip in $25 per month to cover studio space and general overhead. The commitment to pay the fee is for the 6 months of duration of the initial 2017 period, so an autopay system is set up at the beginning of the period (either via credit card, paypal or by writing 6 checks in advance). Dancers also need to cover the expenses of required costumes, we have spent around $90 per year in the past two years, and it’s expected to be no less. However, we are working on getting financial support, we are waiting to hear from a couple of grant applications, and if that works out, we expect to have some money to cover some of the costume expenses, and perhaps some rehearsal space. All additional expenses are cleared with dancers before moving forward if dancers are being asked to contribute.

How to audition? Submit an application through the Google Doc below, and get a confirmation email for time and place for the audition. We highly recommend RSVPing because we may run out of audition slots! Deadline to submit your application is January 5. There is a $5 fee to audition.


January 7
6 pm
Cambridge, MA

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Cambridge, MA

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