Auditions in Ohio for Paid Speaking Roles in Comedic Web Series

Casting Actors for series of Comedy promotional Videos

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Type: Web series

Shooting 4 different short Real Estate marketing videos for a web-based promotional series. Each short video is a one-off comedy sketch based on different aspects of Realty. We are looking for multiple actors to work on many or all of these shoots, playing different characters.

1st Video: Residential Debate

Don, Male, 30-40, caucasian
An absurd and slightly confrontational realtor that goes deep into a weird method acting state when given the opportunity to debate against a coworker.

Clint, Male,20-40, race open
A sensible and thoughtful realtor that is thoroughly confused by the weird events he is prompted with.

Moderator, Male, 40-50, caucasian
Confident but also slightly confused moderator of a debate that makes no sense.

2nd Video: Obnoxious Customer

Sherry, 40-50, female, race open
Obnoxious and overbearing homeowner that is looking to sell her home, but only at her ridiculous standards.

Christine, 40-50, female, race open
Professional and polite Realtor that’s attempting to work with an overbearing customer.

3rd Video: Realtor Tech

Thomas Wrigley, Male, 30-40, race open
Polite realtor that is very familiar with newer technology and just wants to help a fellow friend.

Willy, Male, 40-50, race open
Older, grumpy, realtor that is constantly trying to brag about his accomplishments but refuses to believe that there is anything wrong with the way he handles his business, despite all the glaring problems he consistently faces.

Secretary, Female, Age open, race open
Easy-going secretary that becomes increasingly frustrated with her co-workers confrontations.

4th Video: Wild West Realty

Billy Kern, Male, 35-50, Race Open
Messy and disheveled realtor that’s trying to close a deal with a homeowner when a another realtor shows up and messes up his meeting, forcing him to become at stereotypical cowboy challenging the other realtor to a duel.

Jimmy Johnson, Male 35-50, Race Open
Slick and confident realtor that intentionally tries to interrupt another realtor’s meeting. He and the other realtor become stereotypical cowboys and challenge each other to a duel.

Sandy Multz, Female, 35-50, Race Open
Polite Homeowner that just wants to find the best realtor to sell her home but becomes incredibly confused when two realtors begin to fight.

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These are PAID positions.
Food, Gas, and Credit are also included

Shooting begins Mid-March
Auditions will be held on March 8th, 2016

Please send Headshots and Resumes to:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Columbus, Ohio
Please submit to:

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  1. Regina Pasqualino

    Are you casting calls for particular to State? Thank you ~ Regina P~

    1. erica

      This is a nationwide site and all the notices should have the location specified. Some, mainly reality shows often do nationwide castings.

  2. Regina Pasqualino

    Are your casting calls for Ohio, only? Thank you! Regina P

    1. erica

      This one is for Ohio. But if you go to the home page, you can see all the other areas.

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