Baby Auditions in NY / Tri-State Area for Paid Global Brand Video


Casting Baby in Tri-State area for a global brand video

Location: New York Tri-State Area

Type: Educational

Casting a baby (female preferred, ethnically ambiguous, 7-12 months), for a virtual reality project for a global brand simulating senses and takes place from a baby’s point of view. What this means is that the viewer (medical professionals at a trade show), will put on virtual reality goggles and be able to see from baby’s eyes a mom interacting with her and look around at all of the sites and sounds.

We are using a real baby so the mom can interact with the baby’s feet and hands and the viewer will have a more authentic experience. No nudity will be shown.

Looking to shoot the week of 5/23 and will be 2 days (might not be consecutive), somewhere in the tri-state area. A nurse provided by the client will be on set, parent is absolutely welcome to be present during the entire time, and everything will be professionally and safely run. We’ll only place the baby in the scenes right before we’re ready to roll camera to minimize any disruptions. Also, we’ll make sure to have a quiet area for you and the baby.

I’ll have 2 babies on set in case one decides to not want to cooperate during the shoot.

If you think this could be a fun project would you mind snapping a few photos of your baby?

Baby in entire frame. Baby can be in a diaper.

One shot from slightly over her head looking down at the body so belly, feet and arms are in frame or as close as you can get! This shot is to mimic the baby’s point of view.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NY, NY, CT
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