Carnival Cruises Auditions for Singers and Dancers Coming to Atlanta


Carnival Cruise casting directors are coming to the Atlanta area.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Singers and dancers

The company will be holding auditions for singers and dancers to work on board the cruise ships as they travel the world. The shows are seeking experienced performers who can both sing and dance. There are 2 calls – On September 9th in the Atlanta area. Carnival Cruises will be auditioning talent,  singers that can also dance and dancers who are able to sing. Contracts will be starting soon and Carnival is offering competitive pay, room and board as well as other perks to those who are cast in the shows. Shows are produced by Playlist Productions.

Auditions will require that performers sing certain songs. Please see the song list below.

Carnival Cruise Lines Singers and Dancer Open Call: Atlanta

Singers Who Dance

Open Call September 9, 2016

Male & Female
Dance 101, 2480 Briarcliff Rd NE #11, Atlanta, GA 30329


Dancers Who Sing

Open Call September 9, 2016

Male & Female
Dance 101, 2480 Briarcliff Rd NE #11, Atlanta, GA 30329


Experienced dancers with strong ability in lyrical, jazz and hip-hop that sing should apply. Please prepare 2 songs that best display your vocal range and style, accompanist provided or you may use your own pre-recorded tracks, no a capella. Select candidates will be invited to the dance call later that day where technical exercises & contrasting combinations will be taught. Please dress in close fitting dance attire.

Auditions for Carnival coming to Atlanta

Headshot and resume required.

We offer competitive pay, room and board, and other benefits. Seeking performers who are at least 18 years of age are invited to our open calls. Keep in mind we are looking for high quality triple-threat performers with contemporary vocal and dance experience. You do not need to apply or register in advance for open call auditions. Singers Who Dance and Dancers Who Sing candidates will have to prepare for both vocal and dance sessions.

Vocal Session
Singers Who Dance candidates need to prepare two song selections (16 bars). Females must belt to a D or E; males must belt to Ab and have a strong falsetto. Choose from the following options:




Dancers Who Sing candidates please prepare 2 songs that best display your vocal range and style.

An accompanist will be provided or you may bring tracks on a CD or on a digital device.

Dance Session

Candidates will need to learn technical exercises and contrasting combinations taught during audition day. Please dress in close fitting dance attire and wear appropriate footwear, no street shoes allowed.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time for check-in and warm-up. Keep in mind these are closed auditions so friends and family must wait outside. Depending on the amount of applicants, open calls may last 3 to 5 hours. Final selections are made that same day.

 There are also Carnival Cruises auditions coming to other cities. Please see the Carnival auditions page for other listings.

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