Casting a Paid Male Role for ‘Forgive & Forget,” a Stage Play Produced in Norfolk, Virginia

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Forgive & Forget

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Type: Theater

I am now casting for a PAID MALE ROLE for my play entitled “Forgive & Forget” scheduled for October 22, 2016. I have listed the details of the role I am looking for along with a summary of the play. If you have any actors in the Hampton Roads area that may be interested, feel free to have them contact me:

Uncle Eli: a wise-cracking older man who enjoys life to the fullest; in his late 50’s (MUST BE ABLE TO SING)
Uncle Eli is Mama D’s younger brother, he lives with her and harasses her every chance he gets.
He provides the comedic relief for the family when everyone is taking things so serious. His wit & energy even at his old age is off the top and spontaneous.

Forgive & Forget stage play


Forgive & Forget is a story that reveals the terrible sickness that unforgiveness can play in our lives, especially between family members. A.J. and Chris are not brothers by birth, but when Mama D, A.J.’s mother takes her nephew Chris in as her own son the two brothers take two different paths to finding God. Chris travels a troubled path of struggles in the street before time in prison provides a reality check and an urgency to seek God in his life. Chris is eager to show his faith in God and commitment to Kirah and their son Chris Jr. A.J. on the other hand is still carrying bitterness and unforgiveness of Chris’s negative actions from childhood into their adult life, and is convinced that Chris will never change. Simone, Joe Moe, and Uncle Eli all help add drama, truth, and comedy as the story unfolds. Mama D is stuck in the middle, holding on to the prayers and hope that the two boys she raised will see their calling and fulfill the will of God as men!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Norfolk, Virginia
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This casting notice was posted by: Clifton Johnson, Playwright & Director

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