Casting Scare Actors for Haunted attraction in Houston TX


Haunted Attraction

Location: Houston, TX

Type: Festivals

Multiple positions, acting and tech, with a well-known volunteer haunted house. We provide costuming and makeup artists.

Including Bus Adventure Zombies:
Can you twitch? Can you crawl? Can you snarl and hiss? Do you want to terrify trapped passengers (without ACTUALLY ripping their faces off to eat their brains)? The Bus Adventure needs YOU! I’m looking for people who want to develop truly bad-ass characters for a very up-close and interactive experience. The bus animations will be driver-operated, and after a short film we want to make frightened passengers flee (SAFELY) to the promise of freedom away from YOU!

These actor characters will be crawling, snarling, climbing over or under seats, hiding until the moment to strike, and ALMOST rending survivors limb from limb. But, no matter how “not scared” some passengers might act or how long they take to file out of the bus, these high-quality queue line actors must be able to stumble/fumble and not catch them, and be too brain-dead to allow any taunting to enrage them. Zombies only want to eat brains of people smart enough to be scared! Bus zombies and driver work closely as a team for the best scares and screams!

September 16, 17
Also throughout haunting season, before November 6, 2016

Payment: Non Paid
Volunteer Haunted Attraction

City or Location of call: Houston, TX
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