Singers, Dancers and Actors for Baltimore Rock Opera Amphion

Baltimore Rock Opera Society seeks singers, dancers, and actors for our June 2016 original rock opera, Amphion!

Location: Baltimore, MD

Type: Theater

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is seeking actors, singers, and dancers for our June 2016 original production, Amphion!

Shows are June 10-12, 16-19, and 23-26 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Baltimore. Auditions are Tuesday-Thursday, February 23-25 from 7pm-10pm at 1539 N Calvert St, 1st floor.

Actors of color are highly encouraged to audition. While we do not have a lead role for a young actor in this show, we welcome auditions from children aged 12 and up.

PLEASE EMAIL US at to reserve your place in one of our hour-long group audition slots:

Tuesday 2/23, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
Wednesday 2/24, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
Thursday 2/25, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

This is a non-equity show and roles are unpaid; however, we provide meals during tech and show dates. We expect to perform in front of almost 2,500 people during the course of the run.

Available roles:

  • JUSTINIAN: Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. A proud man and a shrewd military tactician, focused on retaining leverage in the face of defeat. Struggles with diplomacy.
  • THEODORA: Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire, wife of Justinian. A friend to the Empire’s artisans, and a highly skilled negotiator and diplomat. Loves Justinian, but isn’t afraid to call him out on things. Mentor to Amphion.
  • NARSES: Justinian’s chief advisor, a eunuch. Ambitious, maybe too much so, but is not without compassion.
  • AMPHION: Wildly popular (and talented) official songsmith of Constantinople. Writes and performs music to celebrate and support Justinian’s deeds. Is beginning to question whether her royal appointment is hindering her true potential.
  • BORZUYA: Chief ambassador of the Shah Xusra. A physician and scholar of the Sassanid empire. Kind of a doofus.
  • BOZORGMIR: Assistant to Borzuya. Highly motivated and manipulative, scheming.
  • NASREEN: Daughter of Borzuya. Intelligent and independent-minded, she rejects the life of a court mistress.
  • ENSEMBLE CAST OF 8-12, who will play very active roles as a ROCK CHOIR! as well as helping to fill out the world of the show as courtiers, spectators, gladiators, royal musicians, and more. Some ensemble members will also be asked to understudy for lead roles.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Baltimore, MD
Please submit to: by 2016-02-25

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