“Money Monster” Starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney Casting Kids in NYC


The film “Money Monster” is looking to cast some NYC African American kids

The movie will be filming some more scenes at the end of this month and is currently casting African America children, ages 9 to 10, to work as extras. The film has been in production for almost a year now and has a release date for May of 2016. Seems like they need a few more scenes filmed and will be filming those scenes this week.

Jodie Foster is directing the drama which is filming in New York City. According to the film’s IMDB page, the film focuses on a man who loses his life savings in a bad stock deal then publicly takes a on-air show host hostage in an attempt to raise the stock prices…. George Clooney plays Lee Gates. Gates is a TV personality whose insider tips have made him the money guru of Wall Street. When Kyle loses all of his family’s money on a bad tip, he holds Lee and his entire show hostage on air threatening to kill Lee if he does not get the stock up 24 and a half points before the bell. Ratings soar as the entire country tunes in to this media frenzy to find out just how much a man’s life is worth. Meanwhile, the hostage situation sheds light on a possible scandal involving the company in question.

Money Monster  also stars Jack O’Connell, Dominic West and Caitriona Balfe. “Money Monster” is produced by Allegiance Theater, Smokehouse Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Extras casting call in NYC for "Money Monster"

GWC in New York City is seeking the following:

Seeking SAGAFTRA/NONUNION African American 9-10yr old Boys and Girls to portray South African Children for work on MONEY MONSTER.
Tentatively works on Sunday 1/31, int/ext, in NY.

All children MUST have valid NY work permit (or be willing to get one) and trust account set up.

Please send recent non-professional photos to moneymonster@gwcnyc.com with:
-child’s name, age, & DOB
-child’s work permit exp date
-child’s union status (SAGAFTRA or Non-Union)
-parent name & contact number
-confirm child did not previously work on Money Monster in 2015

Please write in the subject line: “Facebook, South African Children, [child’s name], [phone number].”

Children must have 2 valid forms of US issued ID to work and must have a guardian 18 or older to accompany them on set at all times.

Money Monster” began filming in February of 2015 and is scheduled for  release on May 13, 2016.

Photos (Daily mail) from the set show George Clooney dressed in what looks like an explosive vest.

George Clooney movie

Here’s another great photo from the set which includes some huddled up background and extras playing SWAT officers.

George Clooney set

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  1. Roberto Kligopoulos

    4/15 Money Monster. I would like to be an extra on that movie. So, what do I have to do now? I was taking classes for 5 years at HB Studio, in NYC.


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