NYC Theater Auditions for Comedic Stage Play “Friends of the Family”


Join a hilarious original comedy to be performed with and for the next generation of NY theatrical talent.

The play – Friends of The Family, A New York mobster has been tasked with killing a man but, due to a series of humorous delays and interruptions, is unable to do so.

Audition Dates:
Dec. 10

Audition Location:
Champions Studios
257 west 39th street 14th floor
New York, NY 10018

Production Dates:
Feb. 2, 6, 7

Production Location:
Hudson Guild Theatre
441 W 26th St
New York, NY


JOHN–A hitman and former Rutgers fratboy struggling to adapt to life in the family business. Kidnapper of RALPH

RALPH–[CAST] A compulsive gambler whose tendency to make snarky comments may cost him his life

SARAH–A police officer whose confused moral compass and longstanding crush on JOHN get in the way of her job

KAREN–[CAST] The venomously-tongued jealous wife of RALPH, and ultimately the hero of the story

FRANK–[CAST] The self-satisfied boss of the Luciano crime family

This is an unpaid show.

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