Online Harry Potter Web Series Seeks Actors


People wanted who are willing to film themselves for an online Harry Potter based project.

Location: nationwide

Type: Web series

I am looking for people who want to stand-in for characters in my Harry Potter series. All they have to do is provide the video, as their speaking voices will be replaced with voices that were already recorded earlier.

Just send me a video in which you introduce yourself and tell me in which role you’re interested and why.

Harry Potter web series


-Professor Willows: (35 – 50 years old) Hogwarts teacher who teacher Defence Against the Dark Arts. She is actually Voldemort’s pet snake in human form.

-Female Smeltings Teacher 1: (35 – 45 years old)
This teacher informs the Dursley family about the absence of their son Dudley. Later, she is mind controlled by professor Umbridge and ordered to bring the Dursley family to the headmistress’ office.

-Female Smeltings Teacher 2: (50 – 65 years old)
This teacher gets mind controlled by professor Umbridge when the interrupts her during the wrong moment.

-Random students who pretend to be sitting in class in a Muggle school (18 – 25 years old)
These students question the strange behavior of one of their mind controlled teachers.

-Muggle school caretaker (45 – 60 years old)
This man meets one of the mind controlled teachers, but doesn’t notice what’s going on.

-Policeman / Policewoman: (35 – 45 years old)
Has been called up for an explosion happening at a Muggle school, but get sent away again when nothing seems to have happened.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Tim Lemmens

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