Open Auditions in Detroit Michigan for “Lilies in the Field” Stage Play

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Lilies of the Field

Location: Detroit, MI

Type: Theater

Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre – Shining a light in, on and for Detroit!

The Lilies of the Field
Sat., August 20. Callbacks/Auditions, Sat., August 27
1:00 pm (sharp)
International Institute of MI
111 E Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202

Brief Synopsis
Used to being in charge of his time –and his life, Homer Smith crosses paths with Mother Maria, who is used to sacrificing her time for her calling and believes there is One who is in charge of all lives. Although she has been successful in her many stands in faith down through the years for her needs and for those of her Order, she has slowly become hardened and has lost faith in people. Homer has little use for faith or for helping others –unless there is something in it for him. When Homer’s desires to be free and his own man crosses paths with Mother Maria’s tenacity in her faith, he learns of a different kind of freedom; she is surprised by a tenderness she had forgotten she could feel.


Homer Smith – Pride-filled but not arrogant. Very likable, almost charming. He is a little torn between his continual longing for his self-reliant, independent, no-strings existence and an almost irresistible impulse within him to assist others. He strives consistently to impress upon others, and to reaffirm within himself, that he is in charge of his own life. (This character may sing simple songs during the play.)

Mother Maria — Service to God is the only life she knows. Used to being rewarded for faith and hard work, she tolerates people mostly for the ways in which they can “be used by God” to contribute to her needs. The expression of honest emotions about circumstances or people are very challenging for her, and she does not tolerate emotional displays from others. She is not a mean women; just hardened. (This character may be required to sing.)

Father Murphy — This seasoned and faithful man of the cloth has dedicated his priesthood to serving the most disadvantaged in the village. He mostly sets up outdoors to deliver mass and he serves mass to the villagers anywhere a makeshift pulpit can be set up –to include out of the back of an old pick-up truck. He is a “realist” and has lost hope long ago that he would someday preach from a pulpit in a “real” church, but he has not lost hope in his faith, and he is faithful to his calling.

Jose Gonzalez — He lives his life hedging his bets about everything –ever striving to be “on the safe side”. He is a skeptic about religion, but for “insurance against going to hell”, he believes in helping people when he can. He runs a makeshift breakfast nook in the village. He likes Homer a lot –even admires him a little. He enjoys his talks with Homer. He tries to make sense of why someone as free-wheeling as Homer would tie himself down into building a chapel for the nuns –for free!

Orville Livingston — This self-made man owns a construction business. He represents the voice of stereotypes some hold about Black Americans in the workplace. He insinuates his attitude in his condescending tone and general demeanor. He fully expects Homer to behave exactly as his stereotypical frame of reference anticipates. He is not a prejudiced man, per se. He just considers himself “experienced” with black workers. He eventually grows to not only respect Homer, but finds himself donating goods to build the chapel.

Sister Abby and Sister Gertrude — Both of these nuns are happy, faithful, and obedient. They hold Mother Maria in the highest regard and always treat her with respect. Strong and gracious in their own rights, they have traveled with Mother Maria a very long way from another country to arrive at their present home, and they are grateful to be there. They are usually busy (gardening, tilling the ground, ironing, straitening the room decorating the chapel, etc) whenever they are not at the table for a meal.

Two performances are planned for October 2016 on Saturday and Sunday evenings. There will be three rehearsals (at least). Actors with flexible schedules preferred. A stipend will be paid to cast members. Bring headshot and resume. You will be reading from scripts provided at the audition. Those at the audition by 12:30 may preview a script prior to the 1:00 pm start time.

Vending opportunities are available. All interested vendors should send an email to

Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre
August 20 and 27, 2016
1:00 (sharp)
International Institute of MI
111 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202

Payment: Other
Stipend for performers in the play

City or Location of call: Detroit, MI
Please submit to: This is an open call, please see above

This casting notice was posted by: LeDene Lewis, Executive Director

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