Open Auditions for Lead, Speaking Role in Netflix Upcoming Show “Antarctica”

By | June 1, 2016

Casting directors for the upcoming Netflix project “Antarctica” are holding open online auditions for a lead role.

Sony Pictures and Netflix are holding a nationwide talent search for the role of Sam Watts, an 18 year old character who stars in their upcoming comedy “Antarctica.” The production is searching for a teen, male actor who appears to be around 18 years old to fill the starring role.

Telsey + Company is conduction the online acting auditions which are open to talent nationwide.
PROJECT: Antarctica
STUDIO: Sony Pictures Television
LOCATION: Los Angeles

SYNOPSISAntarctica is a coming-of-age story following Sam Watts, an autistic teenager, and his loving, damaged family.  Sam is seventeen, nearing graduation, and about to enter the adult world, which is often easier said than done.  He’s also on a mission to find love.  But what’s already a daunting task for “neurotypicals” is a near impossibility for Sam, who has trouble reading social cues, is uncomfortable with physical intimacy, and has never even kissed a girl.  Thematically, the series grapples with the essential question: What does it mean to be “normal”?  Sam and his family will all grapple with this central theme in their own ways.  And it will all be viewed through Sam’s unique perspective, which we access through the use of voice-over.

Sam Watts: A high school senior with symptoms of autism. While Sam has a hard time reading non-verbal cues with much of the world a mystery to him, especially girls, is normal in some ways. Despite not having a mean bone in his body, he is blunt and straightforward. Sam knows a lot about Antarctica and if you happen to sit beside him on the bus for more than a few minutes, most likely you will as well. Sam’s disability earns scorn and loyalty from the people that know him. Please see the full description of the role below.

See this page for further information.

Online auditions are being done through a page setup by the casting directors, please follow the instructions on the flier below to apply for the role and get further details about the project.


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