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Want to be on a NEW Daytime Talk Show?

Location: Nationwide

Type: Talk Show

Do you have a conflict that you need help resolving?

We are looking for people to have their issue resolved by a well known tv personality.

No problem is too big or too small.

Please email 2-3 paragraphs about your issue, a recent picture and contact info (phone number & email).

If picked we provide FREE round trip airfare, hotel, local car service, makeup, hair, etc. for you! Email us at ASAP!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

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Robert Irvine Show

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  1. Steven Jeffrey

    Okay my brother lives in a camper on a property that used to be his business, and I am living inside the building that used to be mine. We were affiliated but in separate towns in a lucrative multi media sales & distribution business. Brother & I are best friends but circumstances led to our having to close the doors of both locations. His name is “Beetle” (Nickname to his birth name “Sidney”) He was a US marine & I was US navy. The fillings I got while in my enlistment have all fallen out & now the rotting teeth remaining have a constant white puss emanating from them that makes my own breath foul to me. Beetle’s teeth have also fallen out & away. His business property has an asbestos worry keeping him outside in the camper in tornado alley. Poverty has hit us hard & I am only 3 hours drive away from him yet haven’t seen much of him during these trials of life. I have found work at a local hotel & he is so depressed about his appearance that I understand he’s become quite the recluse. If there were anyway we could be blessed with help from a dentist willing to give us the attention needed in our mouths I am certain our lives would improve & our poor wives would know a joy that they haven’t had in quite some time. I would love to continue with my SAG status acting ambitions & he is quite the talented musician & song writer & I am fearful that his depression would be converted to ambition again as well. This maybe isn’t the interesting kind of daytime TV spot you are looking for … but I have seen shows where people who have lost the path to their dreams have been turned around. We certainly need some help & seem to always fall in to the exception to the rule of receiving it. Thanks for considering this if you have & thanks for letting me share this if ya can’t do anything either. I know life is hard & the road sometimes seems tough, but a wise man once said if the road you travel is always unfortunately turning out to be UPHILL at least you know… you ARE on the RIGHT one. May God bless you & good luck with the show!

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