Auditions in Dallas Texas for Bare Bones Shakespeare

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Bare Bones Shakespeare presents The Marrow Festival

Audition Announcement:

Bare Bones Shakespeare will be holding auditions for its first ever Marrow Festival in Dallas Texas.

The Marrow Festival will feature two 90 minute shows that will be rehearsed simultaneously and will be performed in alternating slots over a three weekend run. Both shows will be done in the patented Company Directed style which is based on Shakespeare’s actual rehearsal process. As per the style, the rehearsal process will consist of three rehearsals per show, followed by an extended period of no rehearsals for line memorization, and tech week.

There will be no director, except for the actors who will direct each other. All actors will play multiple characters, and gender swapping will be frequent, and all design aspects will be done as minimalist as possible. Most actors will be cast in both shows. Actors will receive a stipend.

The shows:

Hamlette: Shakespeare’s most recognizable and arguably best play, Hamlette the Princess of Denmark returns home to attend her mother’s funeral only to discover that her father has already remarried her dead mother’s brother. Things only get worse when Hamlette learns from her mother’s ghost that her aunt had murdered her. And now Hamlette must play a long game of intrigue and deception to obtain her revenge. And no, none of the pronouns were done by mistake. This will be a reverse gendered Hamlette. The role of Hamlette is pre-cast.

The Changeling by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley: Beatrice-Joanna, the classic tragic heroine has fallen in love with the handsome but naive Alsemero, but her father has promised her to a man she doesn’t love. Sounds familiar right? She then makes a bargain with the villainous servant Deflores to have her fiance killed, not knowing that Deflores is secretly in love with her. Still sound familiar? One step into the spider’s web traps the lady Beatrice-Joanna in a dark world of sex, lies, and violence in this classical thriller of carnal pleasures, and violent betrayal. The role of Deflores is pre-cast.

Auditions will take place at Dallas Children’s Theatre at 5938 Skillman St. Dallas, TX 75231 on August 25th from 6pm to 10pm and September 1st 6pm to 10pm.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please send a headshot and resume, along with your preferred audition date and time to

Prepare 10-20 lines of a memorized monologue (preferably in verse). Our auditions are done in hour blocks, so be prepared to stay the full hour. Come dressed to move, bring a bottle of water and a list of any conflicts.

Rehearsals will be the last week of September and the first week of October. Performances will run from November 3rd through 19th on Fridays through Sundays. There will be two performances on Saturdays and a matinee on Sundays. The shows will rotate on an aabb, bbaa format.

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