Disney Auditions for Lead Role in New Disney Movie “Spin”

Online Disney auditions for the lead role in new Disney movie “Spin.”  

Casting directors for Disney’s feature are now casting a teen girl, 13 to 17 years of age and of Indian origin for the lead role of Sunny Shah.  This role is specifically for an English speaking, Indian girl and is open to teen girls nationwide and worldwide.  The movie is for an American TV network so fluent English is a must.

The character of Sunny Shah is described as an Indian teen girl who lives in the US with her family.  Sunny wants to be a DJ and loves music.  Acting experience is not required to be considered but being able to sing, dance and DJ is a plus.  Casting directors are taking self-taped video auditions this week which require talent to introduce themselves and explain why the young actress is perfect for the role of Sunny Shah.

Casting directors are taking emailed submissions through June 4th.

Walt Disney Pictures Studio

Please see the casting flyer below for all the details.

Casting for Disney’s SPIN is still on! Last date for submission extended to June 4th!

This is an amazing casting opportunity for a 13-17 year old Indian/Indo-American girl to play the lead role in Disney’s new movie for a major American TV network!
Look at the poster for all the crucial details.

If this is you or anyone you know, please send 2 pictures and an introductory (2 minute) video, in ENGLISH only, to castingspin@tessjoseph.com.
You can apply from anywhere in the world as long as you are a 13-17 year old girl of Indian origin!
Disney auditions for girls

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  1. Siddhi Patil

    NAME : Siddhi Patil
    AGE : 15
    DOB : jaunary 8 , 2005
    NATIONALITY : Indian
    Residence : Maharashtra , India
    HEIGHT : 5.5 feet
    WEIGHT : 45 kg
    EYE COLOR : Dark brown
    HAIR COLOUR : Black
    SKIN COLOUR : slightly brown kinda greek
    skin tone
    Yes i am a good looking indian girl
    Languages known : Hindi , English(fluent) &
    Little bit Spanish
    Profession : Artist
    Hobbies : dancing , singing ,acting and.

    It’d be truly an honor for me to work for your film and sorry if I am late


  2. Camila Chang

    Hi my name is Camila Chang. I’m 14 and love acting and dancing. I studied acting, dancing, singing, musical theater and modeling, and I would love to be given this incredible opportunity.

  3. Asia

    Hi my name is Asia I am half Indian

  4. Téa Pritchard

    Does this girl have to be of Indian origin or can it be a white girl who is made to look Indian?

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