Film Auditions in Detroit for Indie Project “Ruth”



Location: Detroit, MI

Type: Film

Character Description and Overview

Ruth is a well-respected psychiatrist, who applies psychoanalytic theory in order to unravel the behavior of her patients. She dresses conservatively and has a reputation for being hard working, smart, and pushy, but underneath all of that she’s an unstable drunk, running
from her past.

She is a psychiatrist who pursued the study initially as a way to help heal herself. Ruth grew up in an abusive family. She carries around demons that she struggles to deal with. She’s a complex character who goes from having a handle on things to losing all control through drinking.

When she is tasked with providing psychoanalysis on Victor, she is intrigued by his vulnerability and the honesty in which he answers her questions. Similar to Ruth, Victor is crushed by the actions of others that he seemingly has little control over.

When she hears his story she feels taken by it and reminded of her own obstacles.
In the end she helps slap new life into Victor by challenging and demanding him to stand up for himself and move on. Victor in turn, teaches Ruth the importance of facing one’s issues instead of running from them and through this relationship they both become better and more stable people.

211 W. Congress St.
Detroit, MI 48226

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit, MI
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