Singer Auditions in NYC for Love City Arts Collective “Healing Gathering”

We Are Grateful: A Healing Gathering

Location: New York, NY

Type: Singers

Love City Arts Collective will produce our last Healing Gathering of the year upcoming on November 19th. This will be our 6th gathering of the year with hundreds of dollars raised for local charities.
What is Love City Arts Collective?
An Arts Service Organization comprised of an all-inclusive group of artists that seek to give their gifts back to the community in the service of Love.

What is our mission?
The mission of Love City Arts Collective is to create artistic, contemplative and healing community in digital and shared physical space. We believe in lifting up all marginalized communities and devoted allies through the musical/visual arts. This collective is being formed as a direct responsive action to the negative rhetoric and oppression so many are facing in our current times. We believe that when we gather, we allow community participants of all backgrounds to be present, replenish their heart energy, and re-emerge back into the greater parts of the society fueled to uplift all humanity.

While this is a “volunteer gig”, the benefits of your participation are numerous.

Healing Gathering - Love City Arts Collective

Here are a just a handful:

Networking — You will have the opportunity to meet all types of artists of varying talent levels who are committed to being change agents for social good. You truly never know who you might encounter to forge a bond for a future collaboration. Even if networking isn’t your goal, Love City Artists are super kind and will put you at ease in the space. Bring your music, business cards, notebooks, poems, other forms of art and share.
Camaraderie – There is nothing better than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow awesome artist and letting your art be seen and/or heard. Love City Artists will root for you and cheer you on.

Service – Love City Arts gives its participants an opportunity to step out of the “fame game” and ego-driven elements of Show Business and just BE. This is our way of giving our gifts back to the community. We ALL volunteer our time and resources. While we recognize that many of us have performed professionally (and many seek to continue), this is a space for GIVING. Anything we receive is a direct result of a type of “spill-over effect”. We agree that what we give “splashes” off of others and then we bask in the energy of the artistic community in the spirit of sharing.
Encouragement – Love City Artists are super supportive of YOU. Bring a backing track. Bring your instruments. Bring a friend to play for you. Bring your tap shoes. Bring your jazz shoes. Bring your poems. Bring your quotes. Bring your paint brushes. Just bring YOU and we will cheer you on.

Promotion – Love City Artists will feature all of its participants on its website, social media channels and beyond. We want to get the word out about your work within the collective and your personal gigs. When you rise, everyone else does as well. We share here and promotion of you is in step with this principle.

Growth – You can’t help but be inspired in this space. Perhaps you aren’t used to performing in front of audiences or sharing your gifts publicly. This is the place for you. We will help you find the confidence you will need to share your gifts with others. I have grown immensely from simply “rubbing elbows” with the beautiful artistic souls in this space. You will do the same.

Payment: Non Paid
Copy / Credit

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2017-11-14

This casting notice was posted by: Andre Stith – Love City Arts

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