Volunteer Extras in Los Angeles for Music Video


Dearly Beloved

Location: Los Angeles, CA / Highland Park

Type: Music Video

We are shooting at a bike shop, a house and parking lots – and lunch will be provided. All talent with specific traits are listed below. We are looking for. . . men and women
the character trait is within the title description , then age, then ethnicity ( some have a descriptive type noted)


Whiz Kid 40 white, brainy, scientist type

Wheels 20′ s young emilio estevez type

Wheelie 30′ s young harry dean stanton

Gears 30′ s white mechanic type scruffy rough on the edges

Candy 20′ s white, brunette

Bike Collector 40′ s white, serious

Guard 1 30ish white cia type

Guard 2 30ish white cia type

Hazmat dude 1 Adult

Hazmat dude 2 Adult

Repo boy 1 20′ s black, rebel look

Repo boy 2 20′ s Latino rebel look

Repo boy 3 20′ s Italian rebel cop

Repo Boss 20′ s white plump

Repo girl 20′ s Blk sophisticated

Punk friend 1 20′ s white bald punk

Punk friend 2 20′ s black punk Mohawk

Punk friend 3 20′ s Latino punk Mohawk

Rodrigo bro 1 20′ s Latino Vato look

Rodrigo bro 2 20′ s Latino Vato look

Bike- Renta- cop 30′ s thin, attitude, Male

Nerd 20′ s white goofy

Sexy girl 20′ s white Euro red hair

Fruit stand vendor 40′ s Latino

Taco cart vendor 30′ s Latino
Latino guard 30′ s Latino bushyhair

Kissing chick 20′ s Latina/ black Cute

Mom 40 Black curvy

Cute kid girl/ boy 9 Black

Old lady 60 Any race

10 Punk Extras 20’ s white, rebels

Bike athlete 30′ s any race

Latino Dude 50′ sLatino, white hair

Latina wife 50′ s Latina

Teen kid 18 any race

Broom Lady 35 any race

Man with bat 40′ s White long hair

Chef 20′ s Latino

Girlfriend 30′ s White cute Ginger

Shooting on Sunday, March 12th and Monday, March 13th.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA / Highland Park
Please submit to: Jessica@truthpurpose.com by 2017-03-12

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