Actress / Model in Las Vegas for Music Video Shoot


Location: Las Vegas

Type: Music Video

Blue Pluto Productions is an amateur production company that specializes in graphic design, logo, brand creation, and promotional material for artists on a budget. We will start shooting music videos in 2019. Blue Pluto is run by Bennett and co-owner John. They have a photographer/videographer that travels with them and who shoots their projects. We are shooting this project for one of our owners, Bennett Breslow, and his artist name is E. Bennett. His social media information is on the last page if you’d like to go look him up. This will be our first time shooting a professional quality film. We will be shooting 3 music videos for some of E. Bennett’s unreleased music, with some extra shots in between so in the end they can all be combined into some type of short film. This is a low budget shoot with professional quality equipment.

For the role of the “Love Interest”
-18-28 years old
-In shape
-Must provide your own wardrobe (We will give you ideas of what we are looking for)
-Open minded
-No prior acting or modeling experience needed
-Must be willing to act as a “girlfriend/love interest” role (hugging, kissing, hand holding, etc. More of this will be explained in the video treatments) *we are going for a certain look in behavior on camera, please make sure this is something you are comfortable with. * Watch Ariana Grande’s video for her song “Into You” and that gives you a perfect example of the type of on camera behavior we are looking for, between herself and her love interest)
-NO NUDITY REQUIRED (E. Bennett’s main demographic is young adults, and although we will do the “affectionate” scenes, we still need to keep it relatively clean)
-Serious inquires only (no last-minute cancellations)
-We would prefer you have your own transportation, but if you don’t we will come pick you up at your location

3 music videos for E. Bennett’s new songs. They will be shot in 3 different locations in Las Vegas spread out through 1 day, Monday, January 14th, 2019.
– Red Rock Canyon area
– The Paris Hotel
– Hotel room in Harrah’s
(Shooting will start between 12:30PM-1:00PM and go till about 11:15-11:30PM with one 4 hour break and one 2 hour break throughout shooting day, we are vary laid back so you can decide if you want to go home and come back to each location, or you can come along with our crew and spend the day with us as we get various things together for the shoots we are doing, but you will only be paid for the time we spend shooting.)

Other Information:
3 treatments, 1 schedule, and 2 contracts will be provided. We will both sign them, and you get a copy for your records. Food and beverage will be provided as well, along with $100 USD (one hundred dollars) for 5 hours of work for role of E. Bennett’s love interest, which you will receive in cash after shooting has concluded as well as your name in the opening and closing credits. The day of the shoot E. Bennett and his videographer who is also the Assistant Creative Director, will be on every location as they will be solely shooting the videos along with the love interest and if they want to bring a friend with them. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable so if you would like to bring someone with you, you most definitely can, but please make sure all parties are professional as we have limited time to shoot this project. We cannot however, pay them, but we can provide food and beverage for them for coming along with you. They will be shooting on a Panasonic LUMIX G7 camera with professional camera equipment. For example, shoulder rigs and Glidecam’s are what we use to get those great cinematic shots, amongst other equipment we bring along to the shoot.

There will be a meet-up the night before the shoot at E. Bennett’s hotel the day he arrives in Las Vegas with himself and his videographer where you will meet and run through treatments as well as the schedule and sign any necessary contracts (Model Release, Employment Contract).

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Las Vegas, Nevada
Please submit to: by 2018-11-27

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