Casting Call in Atlanta for Lead Roles in TV Pilot


Resilient (TV Dramedy Series) Seeking Series Leads & Recurring Talent

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Type: TV Pilots

Resilient is a series centering and loosely based around the show’s creator and executive producer Rashid Wakefield’s actual life. The content of this scripted Dramedy will tackle a wide range of topics from single fatherhood to being poor and living the through the jungle of everyday struggle, as well as focusing highly on raising vibrational awareness and heightening energetic frequencies we will feature as signature to the show CGI effects that accentuate actual energetic wavelengths pictorally so that the audience is able to physically take notice to the active emotions of each character on screen. The producers will be pitching the pilot to Netflix as well as selected films festivals globally. You will be paid residually as the film makes actual monies. Not upfront or a moment before the producers recieve the first penny. For example if we made a trillion over budget in profits that would translate into a percentage for everyone. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary in order to be consifered for a role; however preferred. If non union please send your name in the subject line along with the name of whichever character you are interested in auditioning for to (If in union include agent and agency information somewhere in email) The first round of auditions will be video submission. Thank you in advance for your exceptionalism. Below is a listing of available roles.

Priscilla – Ra’s girlfriend, girly girl but can be tomboy at times, smooth, elegant, graceful personality
Any ethnicity/Gorgeous/Any body type/late teens to late 20s

Natalie – Priscilla’s bestfriend, true friend, loyal, reliable, faithful, comical personality
Any ethnicity/Gorgeous/Any body type/late teens to late 20s

Elden – Ra’s stepfather Militant goofball type, older gentlemenly, supervisor with a power fetish type

Aftican American/Average/early 40s to mid 50s

Brenda – Neighborhood kid, silly, wise, hustler type
Any ethnicity/average body type/9yrs to early teens

Max – Silly Burger Manager, goofy, cranky
Any ethnicity/Any body type/early 30s to late 40s

Lydia – Silly Burger Assistant Manager, serious, calm,capable, motherly
Any ethnicity/Any body type/early 30s to late 60s

Adorable – Ras daughter – Goofy, comical, mature, communicative, majestic, fun loving, energetic, persistent, witty

Any ethnicity but she has to be mixed with at least African American or appear to be as such/Gorgeous/5-9yrs old

Marsha – Adorable’s great grandmother – Fun loving, adventurous, straightforward, comical, wise

Any ethnicity but has to be she has to be mixed with at least African Americanor appear to be as such

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Ga
Please submit to: by 2018-12-14

This casting notice was posted by: Space Camp Productions

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