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Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: TV Pilots


Jazmyn (Jazz) Cartwright – Lead – Female – Black -28 to 30 – Jazz is a pretty, quirky and sometimes awkward girl from Bronx, New York. She’s an outgoing, compassionate and loving woman, who has gotten caught up with life in the spotlight over the years. Jazz battles with being a “regular, degular, smegular” girl from the Bronx and the part of her that was developed over the course of her marriage, who is a girl that can’t live without her Chanel bags, Balmain dresses and celebrity filled parties.

Ryan Cartwright – Lead – Black – Male- 28 to 30 – 6’1 – 6’3 – High-Profile, tall, athletic build, professional basketball Star – Ryan is a tall handsome young man with a rough around the edge, personable, electric personality; think a cross between ball players Dwayne Wade and Allen Iverson. Ryan was a basketball prodigy who was drafted right after high school. Growing up in the Bronx, New York, Ryan hasn’t had the best childhood.

Rocky and Ryan Jr. – Supporting Male/Female – Black -Twins – 6 to 8 – Cute, spunky kids.

Rose Jones – Supporting Female – Black – 50 to 55- Super funny, spunky, strong woman, yet stylish.

Jessica Jones – Supporting Female – Black –18 to 22 – Beautiful, carefree, fun-loving, stylish woman who loves paparazzi and celebrity news.

Jennifer Spalding – Supporting Female – Caucasian– 27to 30 – Flashy, beautiful face and surgically enhanced body, who is a basketball wife and clothing boutique owner. Loves living a lavish life.

Rashad Spalding – Supporting Male – Black – 28 to 30 – 6’1 – 6’3 – Handsome, athletic build, tall, professional basketball player, confident and focused on his career.

Tricia – Supporting Female – Black – 27 to 30– Rational thinking, sweet, loving and caring person from the inner city, with a huge forgiving heart, as she welcomes back a distant/past friend with opened arms.

Sophia – Supporting Female – Latino – 27 to 30 – Outspoken, loud and brash woman from the inner city, often telling it like it is without regard for the other’s feelings.

Brandon Cartwright – Supporting Male – Black – 50 to 55 – Strong, tall and handsome older gentleman with grown-man swagger and impeccable style. He’s a single, confident wealthy entrepreneur who has a Denzel Washington quality about him.

Princess – Supporting Female – Black -25 to 28 – Loud, inner-city, hood girl who is dates a bench-warming basketball player. She has a friendly personality, but lacks etiquette.

Dante – Supporting Male – Black – 25 to 28 – Athletic build, tall professional basketball player

Remi – Supporting Male – Latino – 25 – Vivacious, outgoing, creative, artsy, flamboyant make-up artist.

Rachel – Supporting Female – Any Race – 40 to 45 – Hard-edge reality show producer with a taste for creating drama and the personality of a shark. She’s a by any means type of Hollywood producer who would go through any lengths to create/find a juicy story line.

Female Producer – Supporting Female – Any Race – 48 to 50 – Strong Hollywood producer with a tough exterior and edge. Focused on creating a number one reality TV show.

Lourdes – Supporting Female – Latina – 40 to 50 – Tough, no-nonsense live-in housekeeper with a heavy Spanish accent.

Cameraman – Supporting Male – Any Race – 25 to 35

Male Server – Supporting Male – Any Race – 20 to 25




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2-3 Current Photos

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Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2018-10-05

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