Improv Actors for Hong Kong Improv Theater Troupe

Hong Kong Improv Troupe Audtions

Location: Hong Kong

Type: Comedy

TBC HK is in need of new talented improv faces.
If you have a face, AND you’re good at improv, we want to see you at our open call.

You do not need to prepare anything
You do not need to bring anything, save ur perdy self
Come prepared to do improv. (Wheeee!)

For interested improvisers:
1. Who IS you?:
Send an acting resume/email outlining your improv experience to

2. Serious peeps only, puhhleez:
Confirm your understanding that if you are cast this will be a weekly commitment for Monday night rehearsals, with monthly weekend evening shows. We’re flexible people, we know that dogs occasionally eat homework…but also, flakes aren’t cool. Commitment is important to us. Please don’t audition if you don’t have the intention to be regularly and consistently available.

3. Ya gots ta heart this shizz, mmk?!
Confirm your understanding that being part of TBC HK will be a labour of love. We are a team/family, and we all put in equal energy to crafting our art, website, FB, workshops, shows, social media etc. We ALWAYS take money home from each show, but you ain’t gonna get rich doing improv, honey.

4. Show us whatcha got!:
Along with the above, in your email tell us:
1 reason why you’re SUPER cool
1 random fact about you
1 thing you want to change about the world

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Hong Kong
Please submit to: by 2018-02-26

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