L.A. Area Actors To Fill Supporting Roles in Film “Pony Express”



Location: los angeles california

Type: Film

Working Title: Pony Express
Logline: After suffering a crushing fall from his horse a young Pony Express rider is at the mercy of the elements, a murderer, and the natives.

Character break down-
BILLY: The rider – Lead
Young, early 20s. Clean shaven. Wild wavy hair. Expert rider.

MCGRAW: Desperado – Supporting
Early 40s. McGraw
A product of the hard living of the expanding US. Skilled Gunmen. Rough, shaggy hair and
unshaven face.

Native Woman: Heroine
Mid to late 20s. Beautiful. Slender and sporty. Piercing eyes. Fierce yell.
Wildly independent as a child and a force as a young woman

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: los angeles california
Please submit to: pony.expressofficial@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Helena and Casey

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