Open Auditions for Steven Spielberg West Side Story Movie Lead Role

New York auditions for major role in his upcoming Westside Story movie.

Audition for a lead role in major movie.

Looks like Spielberg is working on a remake of the classic “West Side Story.” If you can sing and dance, there is a chance that you can audition online for a role in the upcoming flick.

NY news site, is reporting that an open casting audition is taking place for the principal role of Maria in the upcoming take on Westside Story. Seems that Speilberg’s casting directors are looking to cast the role of Maria. Maria is a principal role and casting directors with Cindy Tolan are on the hunt for an actress to fill that role.

Online and video auditions are now being accepted for Maria and the casting teem is looking for an actress to play a Hispanic young woman, between the ages of 15 and 25. Westside story is a musical and actresses applying for the prime role should be able to sing and dance.

Westside Story was a hit musical that was set in the 50’s. It revolved around New York City and it’s rival gangs during the 50’s. Rumor has it that Westside Story was actually inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The story focuses on a love affair between a young man and a young woman that are basically, from opposite sides of the track.

The popular magazine Vanity Fair wrote a a story about the upcoming production and there is also an IMDB page up for the upcoming movie.  The IMDB listing currently has the productions status as “casting” and it does not look like a release date has been set.

Seems that according to Vanity Fair, Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story Will Go Back to Basics
Screenwriter Tony Kushner explains that the new movie will take its cues from the original Broadway show, not the Oscar-winning 1961 film—and that “no one will leave the movie without hearing all the classic songs.”

The article mentions that the male lead has already been cast. Steven Spielberg has cast actor Ansel Elgort for the lead male role. The female role seems to still be up in the air and ladies interested in the role are able to submit their online audition videos. Steven Spielberg, in the Vanity Fair piece, explained how Elgort got the lead male role as Tony, one of the NY gang members that falls for the female lead, Maria.

Spielberg is quoted stating the following about this choice of male leads…

“He’s a really amazing young actor. We really wanted to cast young, because it’s really a story about teenagers,” said Kushner. “He’s a wonderful singer, it turns out, and a really terrific dancer. Steven went with him, and we’re very excited. I think the rest of the cast is going to be very exciting too.”

If you fit the description, are able to sing, dance and act…. then see below for the details.

Well, sometimes dreams do come true and now might be that time, with Stephen Spielberg announcing a casting call far and wide in a search for a new Maria to star in his upcoming remake of the movie.

Casting director Cindy Tolan’s Office said Spielberg is looking for a Latino/Hispanic female between the ages of 15 to 25 years old who can sing and has a strong dance background for the 20th Century Fox production.

No officials tryout dates have been announced locally, but interested Maria’s should submit a photo and video of themselves singing to .

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