Theater Auditions in Berkeley, CA for Multiple Stage Shows

By | March 30, 2018

Staged Script Reading

Location: Berkeley,CA

Type: Theater

Casting Call for Staged Script Reading!

Non-profit theatre organization, Don’t Even Tripp Productions is hosting a release party for the publication of 3 produced plays by National Black Theatre ‘Readers Theatre of New Works Recipient/ Playwright: Ayasha J. Tripp.

These plays will now be available for other theatre
companies to produce and for the public to read. We will read one 10-minute scene from eachplay. We are looking for fun, talented, and dedicated actors to be part of this event.

Below are the three plays, their descriptions, and the roles we are casting for.

The Skin I’m In
A comedy/drama that is set in the early 90’s that tells the story of two young black collegefreshman. Crystal, who is a straightforward urban young woman from Compton, CA, is placed with Shanice, a perky upbeat young woman who has lived a more privileged lifestyle, is from Beverly Hills, and was adopted by a white family. The two are placed as roommates and instantly clash. The play takes us on a trip down memory lane with a strong 90’s vibe and an array of eclectic characters who add drama and fun to the story. The play addresses issues such
as race, identity, acceptance, unity, and the ongoing question of, what it takes to be black? As we
discover these characters own personal journey, it allows us to think about our own journey of identity, acceptance, and unity as a people as well.

• White female, looks between ages of late 30’s early to mid 40’s
• White Male, looks between ages of late 30’s early to mid 40’s
• Black Female, looks between ages 18-25
• Black Female, looks between ages 18-25
• Black Female, looks between ages 18-25

And an Angel Came Down
A suspense filled powerful drama that tells the story of a young man(Malachi) who is dealing with the murder of his younger sister. Externally he appears he is at peace and has foundacceptance through God but internally he is masking his guilt and pain with an addiction to pain
killers and other people. As the story unfolds it is discovered that nothing or no one can cover up the pain a person struggles with. The play addresses social issues of teen trafficking in Oakland, conflicting religious beliefs, and the importance of dealing with the pains/issues of our pasts. Although the play presents a variety of heavy topics there is light that is given as we struggle
with these characters to understand what forgiveness and redemption represents.

• Black Male, looks between ages 25-35

Generation of Dreams

Generation of Dreams (G.O.D.) tells the story of two college students who are fed up with the injustices facing today’s generation. These students come together in hopes of getting others involved to fight these problems of racial and social inequalities. In the process of doing this, they realize they come from a generation of people who are quick to complain but at times, slow
to take action. The play highlights historical leaders of the past such as Fred Hampton, Huey P. Newton and Angela Davis. These students look to these leaders of their past for inspiration as a way to restructure their current and future situations. Generation of Dreams brings into question the effects of social media activism, the struggles and setbacks of being “dream chasers,” and
navigating through the difficulties of trying to uplift and unite their community. During the twists and turns of this story, our main characters strive to keep their dreams alive and live with passion no matter the challenges that come their way.

• Black Female, looks between ages 35-45
• Black Female, looks between ages 25-35
• Black Female, looks between ages 7-10

• Date of event: Saturday, June 9th 3pm-5pm
• Location: Neyborly in Berkeley, CA
• Requirements: Actors are not required to memorize lines but read directly from the
• Level of commitment: A total of three rehearsals (1 hour in length). Rehearsals will take
place in May
• Compensation: Food will be provided at rehearsals and event.
• Person to contact: Ayasha Tripp 925-597-1261 or

Please contact Ayasha Tripp if you are interested in being part of this experience! We look
forward to hearing from you!

Please also see the following pdf for more information: Casting-Call (1)

Payment: Other
Food will be provided

City or Location of call: Berkeley,CA
Please submit to:

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