Actors Near Manchester, UK for History Based Radio Drama

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Location: Manchester, UK

Type: Other Projects

An exciting opportunity to be part of a recognized radio drama and production team with flexible schedule times and travel/ food expenses paid.

Based on a true story Letters to Lenin is a historical drama set in the 1800d’s following the Northern coal mining revolt against capitalist leaders. The story focuses on Russian rebel Nicolai Patrenko exiled overseas after his failed attempt to assassinate Tsar Alexander the third. In Salford Nicolai, now working as a miner at Agecroft Colliery, forms a union with fellow miners Bernard Bradshaw, Malcom Armstrong, Hugo Boyce and Oliver Spinks after the death of their comrade Horace Sampson. Together they strive for equality amongst the mass minority working class in Salford.

With the potential to be pitched to BBC Radio 4 producers this production will require dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism. If you are an ammeter looking to improve your CV or show reel this is the production for you. If you have a passion for voice acting please send an application before SUN 15th OF FEB.

NOTE: Actors must be Northern English or able to speak with a convincing Northern/ Mancunian Accent. If you are auditioning for the main role of Nicolai Patrenko you must be able to speak with a Russian accent.

CONTACT: For an audition pack please email to receive further information. All auditions must be audio/ recorded auditions. This allows you to easily apply from the comfort of your own home.

Thank you for your interest in the project and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

Payment: non-paid

City or Location of call: Manchester
Please submit to:

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