Auditions for Lead Roles in Milwaukee, TV Pilot


Casting For Independent Pilot.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Type: TV Pilots

Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, That 70s Show. Some very classic sitcoms have taken place in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, but there are so few and they are far between and none have been filmed in Wisconsin. It’s time to change that.

We are currently looking for cast for an independent pilot episode of a new comedy sitcom. It will take place in Milwaukee. We will be holding auditions on Saturday, April 13, 2019, in Milwaukee, location TBD.

Female Lead:
Age: 21-29
Race: Open
Character: The character is a pretty and talented Milwaukee actress who is trying to break out. She has an ego, she thinks she’s perfect, a bit of a temper problem, and is very dominating. She sounds mean, but the actress has to be able to make the mean sound funny.

Male Lead:
Age: 21-29
Race: Open
Character: The character is an actor starting to break out in the Milwaukee area. He just had a breakthrough, so his little fame is giving him a big head. He is a womanizer. He thinks of himself before others. He is close to his friends, but if he wants something, he will take it.

Male Supporting:
Age: 21-29
Race: African-American
Character: This is one of those really random and oddball characters. He’s into some weird things. He’s sort of an angry character as well. There is makeup involved with this character.

Female Supporting:
Age: 21-29
Race: African-American
Character: She is a very pretty woman who is dating a loser and is sick of it and is making a change. She knows what she wants now and doesn’t care what happens to get it.

Female Supporting #2:
Age: 21-29
Race: Caucasian
Character: She is the nemesis to our leading lady, very similar to her, but has her life together a bit better. She is a very talented actress with an ego and always thinks she is right and ahead of the game, but when it rains, it pours for her. Her main goal is to destroy her rival.

Male Supporting #2
Age 30-60
Race: Caucasian
Character: He is a decently famous indie director who had a bigger opportunity that didn’t pan out so he took a step back and is working on a new project that has everyone excited and decided to do it in his home town of Milwaukee. He sort of has a Truman Capote vibe to him.

There are other roles for future episodes as well, but this is what we are looking, for now, to round out our cast.

We are looking for team players, people who want to join our project and give it their all, with a goal of success. We want people who are dedicated and full of ideas, people that want to make something special and go for the gold. If this gets noticed, we want a long term team that loves working with each other. You can have thirty years experience but if you are egotistic we will pass, you could be fresh out of school and be full of ideas and energy and we would prefer you. Having made five indie films, I have seen and dealt with it all so I have a very good idea what I am looking for in a team. It takes the efforts and ideas of all to make something truly special, its a collective. With the right team, we can do anything, if you believe you can be part of that team, please send us a resume, headshot, reel, or samples of your work. We will schedule auditions for those we like on April 13. We are focused on Wisconsin actors.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Milwaukee, WI
Please submit to: by 2019-04-10

This casting notice was posted by: Pulp Productions Films

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  1. Lemmon Harris

    Hi I am a local Milwaukee writer, and instead of on screen talent I was curious if you need writers or editors. Please feel free to contact me for any project that might need a writer or artist.


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