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“This is a story of a multi-generational congregation, of a 100-year-old southern Baptist church, who are faced with the challenges of the 21st Century:” shrinking membership, gentrification, Black Lives Matter, and personal choices which may destroy their faith in GOD and each other.”

Please review the roles below, if you are interested submit your pic/resume to the producer/writer/director

If you are submitting for singing roles only, a reel is acceptable at this time. However, call backs must be in person.

Auditions for actors and singers will be held on Saturday, February 23. Selected actors will be provided details on the time and location.


MOTHER EVELYN, (Actor only) “Mother of the Church”; Civil Rights Activist and the heart of the church. The members of the church rely on her to remind them to keep their faith in GOD. 70s, AA female. (Talent in her late 40s or 50s will be welcomed!)

BISHOP EVANS: (Actor Only) – A childhood friend of Mother Evelyn. He provides leadership and reminds the congregation to hold steadfast through the challenges they are facing. AA male, late 60s early 70s. (Talent in his late 50s will be welcomed!)

DARRYL WRIGHT; Assistant Pastor, (Actor & Singer): He has been with the Church for 10 years. He is ambitious and has an unmatched ego. His overzealous desire to become the new pastor overshadows his purpose of why he became a pastor. AA Male, attractive, 35-40

BRENDA SMITH, Church Secretary, (Actor & Singer): A devout Christian, whose overwhelming need to become a wife and mother forces her to make choices that is direct opposition of her faith. AA Female, curvy, 30-35 years old.

DEACON JOHNSON, Senior Church Deacon, (Actor only) He wrestles with a speech impediment when he is nervous. He is a third-generation church member and very concerned that the church may have to close its doors forever. AA Male, 50s

ROBERT JORGENSON, New Church Pastor (Actor & Singer). He is the newly elected minister of the 100-year-old southern Baptist church. He is from New Jersey, he is Caucasian who is asked to lead an all African American congregation. Unfortunately, he has his own personal problems which have dominated his life and thought to have hindered his ability to find a church home. Caucasian Male, 40s, Attractive, Strong Singer (Robin Thicke type: voice and looks)

REGINALD PIERCE, Choir Director (Actor, Singer, Keyboardist): He has been the director since he was a young man. He must bring the choir together to win the gospel fest challenge. The choir must win not only for the church; but to prove he still has what it takes to be the choir’s director. AA male, 40s

JOSEPH (JOEY)(Actor and Singer): He is quiet and loves to eat. He has a secret and one day he will reveal it. AA male, 10-12 yrs old, slightly overweight

MARY, (Actor and Singer): She is a member of the choir and “likes” Joey. AA female, 10-12 years old.

CHRISTOPHER, (Actor and Singer): Member of the choir and very angry about losing too many friends to violence. His anger makes him question his faith and the new pastor. AA male, 15-16 years old

ISAIAH, (Actor and Singer): Member of the choir. Christopher’s friend. AA male, 15-16 years old.

SHANTE’, (Actor and Singer): Member of the choir. Friend to both Christopher and Isaiah. AA female, 16 years old.

ANGELA/ANGEL: (Actor only): Angela has lived on the streets for many years; this life style must change or she knows she will not survive.. She seeks refuge within the church.
AA, Hispanic, Bi-racial, or Transgender

STREET SINGERS: 15-18 years old
PSYCHO- Male, Caucasian
TAT – Male, Hispanic
BAMBOO-Male, Asian,
CAROLYN-Female, Caucasian

ANNOUNCER-Male, Gospel Contest, Voice Over only

DR. ABRAMS: (Actor only), Male or Female, 40+ years old

SHAUN REYNOLDS, Male (Actor only; Ethnicity Open): Gospel Fest Executive Producer, 40+ years old

MODEL (Actor only; Ethnicity Open); 22 -25 years old. Beautiful and tall.

3 CHURCH LADIES (Actors only); Members of the church.

KEYBOARDIST: Director of the rival church choir for the gospel fest contest. (Male or Female)

3-5 GOSPEL SINGERS: Members of the rival church choir. AA Male and Females.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: WASHINGTON DC METROPOLITAN
Please submit to: by 2019-02-23

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  1. Dakota

    My name is Dakota, I’m a girl and I’m 16 years old. I would love to play the character Shante. I’m half German and American.

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