Baby Auditions & Mom Auditions in Salt Lake City Utah for TV Commercial


Casting ethnically diverse “Millenial moms” for baby products commercial.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Type: TV Commercial

Please send an audition video of the script below to We’re looking for ethnically diverse women between 23 and 35 to play moms (bonus if you have an infant!). We’re looking for two or three actors who can add a little personality without overdoing it.

The shoot will be in the SLC area and can accommodate the actor’s schedule.


As a new mom, I have all kinds of new things to worry about. Is my baby too cold? Is she too hot? Is she still breathing? [A little exaggerated]

So I got Smart Beat. It’s a video monitor that tracks her breathing while she sleeps and sends an alarm to my phone if something’s wrong. We were going to get a monitor anyway, so I figured if there’s one that lets me both see and hear her AND get real-time breathing alerts, duh!

With Smart Beat, there aren’t any electronics in the crib, and it doesn’t use energy pulses like RADAR. It’s just a camera with algorithms that track her movement.

Since there are no wearables, I don’t have to remember to put the monitor on before nursing or rocking her to sleep. Smart Beat starts automatically as soon as she’s in the crib and turns itself off when I take her out.

Best of all, Smart Beat uses its own in-home network that isn’t connected to the world wide web, so video and breathing data never leave my house.

Basically, Smart Beat the safest, easiest, most secure way to know my baby is breathing.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Salt Lake City, UT
Please submit to: by 2019-07-25

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