Casting Call in Singapore for TV Commercial



Location: Singapore

Type: TV Commercial

TVC Shoot

Filming Date: 10 or 11 July
Setting: American Living Room
TVC: 30secs and 15 secs (cut down version)
Producer: Rose Sivam ([email protected] mobile: 65-97931821)


Pantheon Media is a Singapore production company. We are producing a TVC to be aired in the US and online. The product is an online game that promotes language learning through crossword puzzles. The filming would be for 10 hours in total (one day). The setting is a Living Room in an American-styled home.

A married couple and a dog are featured. The husband is playing a game on the phone, while seated on a sofa and the wife has walked into the room to see a mess that has been created by the dog who is calmly seated on the carpet on the floor. The husband is unaware while the wife is getting increasingly angry as she hears sounds from his phone (from the game he is playing). She snatches his phone then gets into the game. Before long, the couple is playing the game together while the dog is trying to get their attention.

At the start of the scene, the couple looks their age (40-45 years). In the second scene when they are playing the game together, they look 10 years younger.


Caucasian couple or mixed race couple
Aged 38-45
Good Looking, somewhat healthy, need to have American accent, comfortable with dogs
Male: 6 feet and up
Female: 5’ 6” and up
One day shoot (10 hours), one location.
Fee: SGD$1500 inclusive of loading and one rehearsal.


The style guide serves to show the chemistry between the couple, and the body language to indicate that familiarity and bond between them, made stronger because of the game they both enjoy playing. The selected images in the style guide serve to show more of this connection, thus the color scheme may be different and more reflective of their characters as described in the concept. For example, Brenda (the Wife) may wear a purple apron, Bob may wear a Polo T-shirt. Further, the couple could be mixed race, while very American in outlook.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Singapore
Please submit to: [email protected]

This casting notice was posted by: Rose Sivam

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