Casting Music Video Project in Los Angeles


Bafvroom Music Video

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Music Video

We are casting for a music video for the up and coming rapper Yaysh filming on October 27th. The music video is a Halloween party that is celebrating Yaysh’s birthday. There will be a few scenes with dialogue mixed in.


Zen G-Pa (70-80) Asian male:
(paid: 100)
Older man at a halloween party smoking weed with the crowd in the backyard. He ends up taking the camera man’s phone and scribbling on some of the drunken party guests that are asleep after the party is over.

Ashaki (18-30) Middle Eastern Female:
(paid: 100)
The more Americanized party girl that convinces her friends to attend Yaysh’s Halloween party.

Izdihar (18-30) Middle Eastern Female:
(paid: 100)
Newer to the country and trying to fit in, she sneaks out to follow her friend to the party.

Khepri (18-30) middle eastern female:
(paid: 100)
Shy, but not wanting to be left out, she sneaks out to the halloween party and ends up making friends with a thug who shares her passion for poetry.

Dominic (20-30) caucasian male:
(paid: 100)
Tough gangster type guy that picks a fight with a drag queen for twerking on him. In the end they resolve their issues and become friends.

Drunk Girl (20-30) any ethnicity female:
(copy, credit)
A drunk girl who instantly falls in love with Dominic and ultimately breaking up his fight by throwing herself into his arms.

Macey’s husband (20-30) african american male:
(copy, credit)
Charismatic, handsome man who comes to the party with his wife who ends up cheating on him with a woman, against his knowledge, while he is partying with the other guys.

Thugs (20-30) any ethnicity males:
(copy, credit)
Group of tough looking dudes that are friends with Yaysh. One of them makes friends with Khepri over their love for poetry.

Halloween party guests (18 or older) any ethnicity:
(copy, credit)
Costumed guests attending Yaysh’s halloween party.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: closed

This casting notice was posted by: Yaysh Universe

One thought on “Casting Music Video Project in Los Angeles

  1. Tyler Longolucco

    I am interested in the role of Dominic for your upcoming music video. I attached my link for Backstage that includes some headshots, as well as previous productions I have been involved in. I appreciate you taking the time to consider me.



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