Extras Casting for “Lodge 49” TV Show in Atlanta

Get cast as an extra.

Lodge 49 is filming another season and currently casting paid TV extras who live in the Atlanta area.

The show is a comedy / drama and was created by Jim Gavin. The AMC Network picked the series up a few years back and the first season premiered this past summer with 10 episodes. This past fall, AMC renewed the show for another season and that season is now filming.

While the show is set in Long Beach, California, it actually is produced on the opposite side of the US. The series films in Atlanta.

The show revolves around a drifter / ex-surfer named Dud who was having a hard time after the death of his father and a collapse of their business. In searching for himself, Dud comes across a fraternal order called “Lodge 49” and is welcomed into the group by the groups “Luminous Knight” (Ernie) who also sells plumbing.


The series begins with Sean “Dud” Dudley (played by Wyatt Russell) finding an odd ring with an even odder beast etched into it. Needing some cash, Dud tries to pawn it and finds out that the ring is attached to a group which is called the order of the Lynx. He finds a building with the same design on it as the ring and ends up in Lodge 49. Having not much else going for him, he joins the group and becomes a member of the fraternal order.

Casting directors with ECA are looking for Atlanta locals to fill the following roles:

FOR TUESDAY 4/30 we are looking for a hispanic male and female 30’s to 50’s to portray a feature staff member of an auction — email a recent photo and all clothing sizes and contact info to: Lodge49extras@gmail.com – AUCTION in Subject

Then for Wednesday 5/1 — looking also for a hispanic male or female 20’s to 50’s to portray a specific bartender type — email a recent photo, sizes and all contact info to: Lodge49extras@gmail.com – BARTENDER in Subject

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