Movie Extras Casting Auditions in Oklahoma for New Matt Damon Movie “Stillwater”


Casting call in Oklahoma for movie extras.

Residents in Oklahoma have a chance to get a small, non-speaking background role in Matt Damon’s new movie “Stillwater.” The movie is now in production in Stillwater Oklahoma and locals are needed to fill a variety of paid extras roles.

Matt Damon and Tom McCarthy are coming together for a new movie called “Stillwater.” “Stillwater” stars Matt Damon and is being directed by Tom McCarthy. In the film, Damon plays Bill Baker, an oil worker in Oklahoma whose daughter gets accused of a murder she claims she did not commit. The character goes on a journey to exonerate his daughter and in the process “embarks on a personal journey of discovery and a larger sense of belonging in the world.” According to Deadline, Participant Media is on board as is Amblin Partners.

Deadline also reports that the movie is Co-written by McCarthy, Thomas Bidegain and Noé Debré with McCarthy directing. Both Damon and McCartht are Oscar winners with McCarthy’s last movie, “Spotlight” winning best picture as well as an Oscar for him for the screenplay.

Interested?  Here is the casting notice:

Extras pay is up to $64 for up to eight hours with possible overtime for longer days on set.

All extras for this day MUST be over the age of 18

CHURCH GOERS – Males and females, 50s-80s. They attend a Bible study meeting at a small church in a small Oklahoma town. Real couples would be great. We will ask these people to use their cars in the film for an additional $25. Please include a photo, year, make and model, of your vehicle. Older cars and trucks are a plus. We prefer no red, white, black or brightly-colored vehicles.

MONICA – Female, 40-55. She is a member of the church congregation.

ON-AIR NEWS REPORTERS – Males and females, 30-45. Clean professional look.

NEWS CAMERA OPERATORS – Males or females. People with news camera experience preferred. Please list your experience in your submission.

ELECTRIC LINESMEN – Males or females. Actual electrical linesmen preferred. Please list your experience.

CONSTRUCTION WORKERS – Males, rugged. Caucasian, Hispanic, African American. They work to clean up after a devastating event in a small town.

DEVASTATED RESIDENTS – Males and females. These people have had a tragic event in their neighborhood. These are lower middle class people in a small neighborhood who might have lost everything.

OLDER COUPLES – Males and females, actual couples, aged 60+. Please send photos of the two of you together. They are middle to lower middle class.????

VOLUNTEERS – Males and females, 25-60, any ethnicity. These are people that look like they cannot do heavy lifting, but they are there to support the ones that do. They hand out water, hand out sandwiches, and do what they can to support the people that are working hard.

GUY WITH TRAILER GRILL – Male, any ethnicity. He has brought his giant grill on a trailer and cooks a large amount of hamburgers and hotdogs for the rescue volunteers. Please show a photo of you with your grill and the vehicle you will bring to haul it. There is a $25 bump for using the vehicle and grill.

DISCOUNT SHOPPERS – Males or females, 20-80. Any ethnicity. These are lower-income, unemployed, fixed income or otherwise economically challenged people, shopping in a discount store.

ELDERLY WOMAN IN A WHEELCHAIR, WITH ADULT DAUGHTER – Females. Any ethnicity. An elderly woman 70+ who uses a wheelchair for mobility. She has an adult daughter that accompanies her. An actual mother and daughter preferred.

RANCHERS – Males, 20-60, any ethnicity. The real thing. These guys work the farm and they look like it. We would like actual ranch or farm-hands.

All extras have to be Oklahoma residents and follow the following instructions:

Email a recent, clear photo to the casting office. A full body and a closeup are preferred. No filters, face-tunes or anything that doesn’t accurately depict you. (Change the file name of your photo to YourNameClose and YourNameFull and try to make the file size of the photos less than 200KB each if you can, please.

If submitting for the Church Goers, please include a photo of your vehicle, along with make, model and year.

Include your wardrobe sizes:

Men: Ht, Wt, Shirt (neck and sleeve), Pant (waist and length), Shoe
Women: Ht, Wt, Dress, Pants, Shirt, Bra, Shoe
Include all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and CITY/STATE of residence.

Make the subject heading of your email STILLWATER – Name of Role. Example: STILLWATER: Church Goers or STILLWATER: Volunteers


Send the email to you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN)

If you are selected to appear in the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book.

NOTE: Extras must be provable Oklahoma residents. You must bring certain documentation with you to set. To save time after we book you, and to make sure you get paid properly and on time, go ahead and have that documentation prepared now, so you aren’t scrambling for it if you are selected to film. Just make a copy of at least two of the items from the list below and put them in a place you won’t forget. Don’t forget to bring it with you once you are selected:

OK Driver’s license or other government photo ID that lists an OK address
OK student ID
OK high school diploma
Utility bill (electric, gas, cable television, water or phone landline) in your name, listing your home address.
School transcript
Bank statement showing your home address
Voter’s registration card
Gun permit with photo ID
Any official piece of mail with your name and an OK address

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