Open Auditions in Westfield New Jersey for “The Late Christopher Bean”


The Late Christopher Bean

Location: Westfield, NJ

Type: Theater

SYNOPSIS OF THE Late Christopher Bean
The Late Christopher Bean – A comedy by Sidney Howard

By the acclaimed author of They Know What They Wanted and The Silver Cord, this play opens some years after the death of acclaimed artist Christopher Bean with an excited world in pursuit of his work and any details they can gather about his life and character. Dr. Haggett and his family of patrician New Englanders own some of Bean’s canvases and become avaricious when informed of their market value. It is Abby, the family servant, who ultimately overcomes them all: she possesses one of his greatest paintings which she cannot be persuaded into selling at any price. Her true appreciation of the art and the artist is revealed when she finally admits to having been his wife.

ROLE BREAKDOWNS — All roles are open.

Dr. Haggett (m) (Stage age: 48-60 yrs. old) An undistinguished rural medical man who finds himself wrestling with what is the ethical thing to do in the face of greed, and is losing the battle.

Susan Haggett: (f) (Stage age, 19-24 yrs. old) An attractive and ultimately sensible girl in love with Warren; the younger of the two children.

Abby: (f) (Stage age: 30 – 50 yrs. old) She is the help of the Haggett family, a Yankee villager, of a wistful prettiness, serious and simple. When she is determined, it is hard to beat her. Abby is the conscience of the play.

Mrs. Haggett: (f) (Stage age: 48 – 60 yrs. old) Like her husband, she is Yankee; unlike him, she has assumed certain citified airs in dress and bearing which, so she feels, lift her above the standards of her native village.

Ada Haggett: (f) (Stage age: 26 yrs. old) The Haggett’s oldest daughter; a girl who is both insecure and a bit full of herself.

Warren Creamer: (m) (Stage age: 25 – 30 yrs. old) The village painter and paper-hanger. He is a personable, confident young man, in love with Susan and determined to marry her.

Tallant:(m) (Stage age: 30 – 60 yrs. old) A smooth-talking, shabbily-dressed New Yorker.

Rosen: (m) (Stage age: 40 – 65 yrs. old) An oily and too affable art dealer.

Maxwell Davenport: (m or f) (Stage age: 40 – 70 yrs. old) A distinguished art expert.

a) Please bring a current headshot & resume

b) Sides will be provided.

c) Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.

Oct. 11, 12, 18, 19,25 & 26 2019 @ 8PM; Oct. 20, 2019 @ 2PM – Matinee

Oct. 5, 6, 7 & 10

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Westfield, NJ
Please submit to: Please check their website at by 2019-07-29

This casting notice was posted by: Westfield Community Players

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