TV Pilot Casting Call in Atlanta


Pilot Casting

Location: Atlanta Georgia

Type: TV Pilots

Blackstageco is casing for pilot looking to fill rolls ASAP for filming this week. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY.

A working actress who has a Very large family who is very blunt, she has a boyfriend Max who she loves very much but she is blind to the fact that she has pushed him away with all of her accusations of cheating.

Very loving,never on time ,huge ego. Trey and Clip’s Manager always on the road but still brings home the bacon to his girlfriend Destiny. Getting tired of her accusing him of cheating but little does she know another woman has caught his eye.

-Famous Recouding arist always on the road is now starting to put is family first and be home with his wife Amarie more. And he is driving her crazy!

Trey’s wife of 8 years they have 2 kids together and she has been accustomed to being a single mother.with trey home more often now she has to figure out how to work him into her daily rutine and return to being the loving wife she once was.

Destiny and Faith’s friend. Groupie type loves to tag along with max and trey when they go on tour. Leader of her click “the quad squad” that consist of her and her 3 friends Jessica,N’Diva, and Brittany.She has the hotts for Max and everyone but Destiny can see it.

Murices- ——
Malibu most wanted meets Fire marishall bill Talk Show Host of the Murices show.Faith and Destiny Favorite show.

Faith and Destiny’s Roomate/Assistant,always has an attitude doesn’t get along with faith that well but they love each well and hard for them.

Sean ——-
Faith and Destiny’s new Manager fresh to def clean cut. Fell in love with Faith at first sight she has no idea he and Faith become really close he wants to tell her how he feels but he just doesn’t know how.

very high self-estime thinks she looks good every time she walks out of her house she works at small’s night club as a bouncer.

single mom undercover striper works at smalls night club as a bartender, never on time always leaves early. Is sleeping with Trey.

Jamakin groupie hates a broke dude always grease/shiny shops at rainbow but clams to be high maintenance.

owner of small’s night club she is a getto annoying voice having chicken head that Faith and Destiny cant stand they only put up with her because she is the wifey of their friend Big Joe. She is ready for marrage and has everything all planed out she is just waiting for the proposle that does not look like its in the near future.

Famous rapper also has Max as a manager spends a lot of his time on the road gullible man feeling obligated to stay with small because they have kids together. Does not want to marry her and tells her that constantly but she doesn’t get it.

Executive at BET want to make Faith and Destiny major stars.

Works with Karen at BET.

Works front desk at BET.

You must be able to memorize lines very fast filming is from 7/11-7/15. You have to be available for rehearsals on 7/8,7/9&7/10

I only need your head shot and a resume if you have one. Script has already been pitched.

I look forward to working with you.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta Georgia
Please submit to: by 2019-07-10

This casting notice was posted by: Blackstageco

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