New Castings Out For Empire TV Show 2020 Extras

By | March 11, 2020

The new season of the FOX hit series Empire is casting.

The Empire TV show films in the Chicago area and is now taking submissions from Chicago locals who would like to work as paid TV extras. Chicago’s 4 Star Casting is booking background actors, stand-ins and photo doubles for episodes filming into 2018.

4 Star put out the following message and has setup a new online casting form.

Lee Daniels’ edgy, hip hop music oriented drama is still in production for the 2019 season of the show.  Empire  has been in production since the summer and will most likely be filming new episodes through the 1st quarter of 2018.  The show stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson and Gabourey Sidibe.

The prime time series calls the FOX Network home and is currently in its 4th season. The show first aired in January 2015 and centers around the Lyons family.  The families patriarch, Lucious Lyons who is played by Terrence Howard, is a hip hop music mogul in the middle of some serious family drama.  Complicating things is a woman named Cookie (Tariji P. Henson) who is his ex-wife as well as a grim medical diagnosis which may soon kill him.

Get cast on Empire







To be considered, you must have a POP Profile. To create a profile, click the following link and then follow the instructions on sending the submission e-mail:

If you already have a POP profile, you may continue with the submission email.

Send an email to with the role in the subject line.

1) Confirm you have a POP Profile

2) Include the following information: Name, age, phone, email, AND a quick photo of your CURRENT LOOK.

3) CONFIRM that you have open availability.

We will be in contact with you via POP if you are in consideration!!

20 thoughts on “New Castings Out For Empire TV Show 2020 Extras

  1. Katrina Long

    Is the “Walker baby” baby casting call open to non Illinois residents? Please advise and thanks in advance.

  2. Julia Besong Kong

    I would love to audition for a role on the series empire I love Cookie(Tarajih). I can sing a little and can act very well. It will be a dream come through to act along side The delightful Cookie.


    Available to Audition for Empire Roles or Role which have personalities to be in or out of Character as an EXTRA

  4. Michael battle

    Hi my name is Michael battle. I have been watching this show since it started and have been inspired since. I’m a singer and rap artist give came from places like luscious. And would love to be able to share my passion.

  5. mike

    ok look here.. I don’t care who likes this post or not, but the entire Empire show should have been cancelled after that shady ass shit from a member of the show.. I loved that show but refuse to ever watch it again because of the shady actions of a black man trying to make whites look bad… shame on them! I have dated black girls so i’m far from racist but this went to far and the whole show should be cancelled… fox should be ashamed of this, and he needs more then 3 years jail time for sure.

  6. LaDelle Handy

    I have been wanting to play to on Empire for so long. I have my own pitch to to share with you guys but I think I would be better at playing lucious or cookies long lost kid. I fit the MO and character well. I’m an artist performer and looking to get my way into running my own empire and music company. I want a sinister plot to come out about the new guy that’s playing rebellious, out for blood kid! I have been told I look like Terrance Howard before while I was in an Uber On my way to a vocal lesson for an upcoming performance . I can pull off the role of Lucious and cookies long lost son better. I look more the part, give me a shot, need to move back to Chicago anyway.

  7. Chantell

    I so love to be a part of the Empire episode. I am black, I love acting but I never got that chance to be in the lime light. I am a very ambitious person. If I could get that chance to do auditions for the part, I promise to bring out the best in me & yes, I am very available.

  8. Keith Cash Brown

    I am the most unknown famous person you don’t know.. I am a character actor, it’s natural to me. Ready for any challenge.

  9. Lorenza d cox jr.

    I’m gonna be honest, I never acted before but I’m a quick learner and very different in a good way also I’m from Chicago, been here all my life. I’m 6’2 or 3 & I’m brown skinned, average, brown eyes, black hair, 21 yrs old. I’m black, white, Hispanic, Irish, Cherokee Indian and I’m available everyday plus I’m from a family of 12 siblings. 7 boys and 5 girls, lost my big brother but never forgot him. Good luck everybody.

  10. J. Sariah

    I am a singer/ songwriter. I would love to just write for some of your artists or I can be a new emerging artist on the show! I have an album out called “The Journey” on all music platforms that I Wrote myself and I am still releasing singles and working in the studio. This show is basically my story, too, so I would love to audition to be apart of it in any area. I am a brand ambassador and promotional model on the side as well. I will take any position just to even volunteer on set. Please contact me through my email and I will pass it on to my manager. Thank you!

  11. Leticia brown

    I would love to be apart of great show and to work with such beautiful people and not only that, the show gives us reality and the adversities that we face in today’s society. My personality is demanding but gentle. I love entertaining, that’s what I was born to do.

  12. khrishon parker

    My name is Khrishon and I wish I was on empire with the cast, it has been my dream. I was hoping if I could audition for empire,
    say like I would be a person who has a crush on Tyanna, if I got the name right, but anyway, that would be cool.

    1. erica Post author

      You must already be in Chicago. This is an extras call.

  13. Jaimele Bettis

    I’m excited about new drama and new relationship that are developing between Luscious and Cookie.. illness often brings about a sense of closeness.. New casting can bring about a twist, a monkey in the game and more opportunities for upcoming actors.

  14. Marvin Thomas

    I would love to be apart of the “Empire” family’s upcoming opportunities on any level.

    6 foot 2 inches
    Attractive Male
    Natural Black Hair ( used to be blonde )
    Athletic Build
    Style: Versatile

  15. William phillips

    DATE: FRIDAY, 2/16
    DESCRIPTION: Any Ethnicity, Male, Ages 35-55, Professional look.

    DATE: FRIDAY, 2/16
    DESCRIPTION: Any Ethnicity, Male/Female, Ages 25-55

  16. Akira Marshall

    I’m available for auditions for roles that I’m qualified for and suite me as an motivated future inspiring actress. I’ve been doing drama all through majority of my life as far as schooling. I believe I can be a great asset to you all’s production, if I’m given the opportunity to BRING IT!!! I can guarantee you would be satisfied!!! A dream of mine for a very long time to be able to act, even if the smallest part. My ambition is acting and I have multiple personalities that I can bring lol and open to new ones, if I’m given the chance. Very available.

  17. Deasia Stith

    You can reach me by email and I can sign up from then.


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