Open Auditions / Casting Call for Stranger Things in ATL

Get a role on Stranger Things season 4.

The show is gearing up for season 4 and is in need of Atlanta area locals that would like to work on set as extras.  That’s right, it’s 2020 and the Netflix hit is in production of the new season that will premier on Netflix later this year.

Stranger Things has a casting call out for extras.

The supernatural themed Netflix show “Stranger Things is going into production for yet another season of the very popular TV series and if you live in or around the Atlanta area, you may have a shot at getting cast as a background actor / extra on Stranger Things.

Casting directors for the show are holding a general casting call for extras.  They are looking for adults, kids and folks that have vintage cars in the Atlanta area.

Stranger Things seems to be the most popular show on Netflix these days and the viewership for the last season is reported to have broken records. Forbes reports that Stranger Things season 3 had been watched by over 40 million households in the few days around the season premiere in July of last year. Apparently, Netflix says that’s the most anything on the service has ever been watched in that period of time. They also go on to say that over 18 million households had actually binged watched that show during that same time period.

The show focuses on a group of teens who seem to stumble across some pretty strange things back in the 80’s, the time period that the series is set in.  See the show’s description below.

It’s the fall of 1984, about a year after Will Byers was found, and he has been plagued by seeing visions of the Upside Down featuring a more dangerous monster. That leads the boy to see a suspiciously friendly new doctor, with the possibility that Will’s visions are the result of suffering from PTSD. Nancy deals with survivor’s remorse over the death of best friend Barb. Meanwhile, a new sinister entity threatens the Hawkins residents who survived the year-earlier events. New to the town is tomboy Max, who befriends the boys and attracts the romantic interests of Dustin and Lucas.

Stranger Things was created, written, directed and co-executive produced by The Duffer Brothers. The previous seasons has been executive produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. The Duffer Brothers are the creators of the TV series and are said to have created Stranger Things as a show where an investigative drama met with the supernatural.

Please note that the show does film in the Atlanta area and you must be local to Atlanta in order to be considered for any of the extra roles.

Only apply to this Open Casting Call ONE TIME. Once we begin posting for specific dates on Season 4 you are welcome to apply multiple times.

Season 4 of Stranger Things casting call:



They also seem to need some older cars.  If you have a vintage vehicle see the link below.

Please note that the show does film in the Atlanta area and you must be local to Atlanta in order to be considered for any of the extra roles.


As the show moves through production, we can expect to see more specific casting calls for the roles that the casting directors need to fill in specific scenes and episodes.

If you live in the ATL and would like to work as a paid extra, there are quite a few movies and TV shows that film in the area. You can check out the rest of the extras casting calls in the Atlanta area here.

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  1. Brianna Bailey

    Hello my name is Brianna Bailey. I am 11 years old and would love a chance to work with the cast. I’m am not eligible to audition because I do not live in Atlanta but wishes luck for everyone that auditions. See you in season 4!

  2. Dontavius

    Hi I am Dontavius, I am a 18 year old African American with light brown eyes and I would love to audition for anything. I love acting. My goal is to become a well known actor and make my own YouTube /Netflix show. My parents are really supportive of me acting. Any role that gets thrown my way I will accomplish it with great acting skills period.

  3. Ella Johnson

    Hi I’m ella and I’m 11. I’m good at singing acting and dancing anything you want I would love to be on stranger things so I hope you notice me. I am from England but can travel to where ever you want.

  4. Janyshia Mitchell

    Hi my name is Janyshia Mitchell. I am African American I am 13 yrs old yet I watched season 1,2,3 and I’m a big fan of it but I obviously won’t be able to join the casting because I live in Jacksonville Florida. So yeah, but I wish everyone good luck.

  5. Sophie

    Hello my name is Sophie Avsaroglu and I’m 13 yrs old. I would love to be an extra in Stranger Things season 4. I have experience by doing plays and playing in a short film named scouts that is on IMDB. Contact me if anything.

  6. Mayan

    Hi! Am Mayan, I am 11 years old and I would love to audition for anything. I have dark brown hair, and light brown eyes, it is not that light though. I love acting that I am even in an acting class in school. My teacher for acting calls me the hungry acting bear… I don’t know why. My goal is to raise money from acting and give it to hungry people and animals. My parents are really supportive of me acting. Any role in a movie would be okay for me even if I was just a tree I don’t mind it. I hope i make it! And achieve my goal!

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