Operatic Singer / Vocalist in L.A. for Upcoming Art Exhibit


Operatic Vocalist

Location: Los Angeles, California

Type: Singers

We are NYC based visual artists seeking an operatic vocalist for a one time performance at the opening reception of an outdoor sculpture show in late February.

We have two original songs in Italian, in the past we have worked with baritone and tenor opera singers but we are open to many ranges.

Rehearsal will take place a day before the performance (exact date TBC)

Very low time commitment – ideal for opera student or someone who loves to perform in new contexts!


Due to the lack of rehearsal time available you must be able to read sheet music or learn song from recordings.

Please respond with a sample of your singing (video or even phone recording is fine!) and some information about yourself!


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, California
Please submit to: portiadiplastica@gmail.com by 2020-02-19

This casting notice was posted by: Plastica Productions

One thought on “Operatic Singer / Vocalist in L.A. for Upcoming Art Exhibit

  1. Rebecca

    I’m a singer actress with a unique operatic style and would love to audition for you. I am in a strange situation of danger and if you give me this chance I’d be appreciative of your time. I’ve got a limited amount of time for the person I’m scared of will be released and harm me and my disabled son. We don’t deserve to be harmed so severely, mentally and physically. I don’t want to speak about the abuse for I wish to forgive and do what I love with with all my whole physical being for what I was born to do is entertain a audience with my beauty and my voice as I’ve worked on it with odds against me deaf in one ear I have over come the deaf and I wish to sing to you a beautiful a rough a history of longing for you to hear me and love as much as I do. There are not many vocalist in this life and am the one for this time in our time table of distorted numbers I’d like to bust open the 0 ‘s of sound $ and make us a more credit card cash fill our pockets our hands with spending on retail terms of love the retail the expensive Rands riches is my favorite store in the world I’d buy everything I want from riches only for it’s a most admired by this woman of all stores as you will feel the same about y voice my look is as beautiful as the things I’d personally choose as a retail sponsor of beautiful unique personable you live as you’d want another to live and this what I want for everyone to indulge in my CK STYLE LOVE CK ITS THE WHITE T SHIRT BLUE JEAN NIGHTS SEA PLAY SHE’S SWING OFF THE SILK SCARVES OF A WRITING SPIDER WHOM HAS PATIENTLY BEEN WAITING TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED FOR ITS BEAUTY OF A BEING SUCH AS A WRITING SPIDER TUCKED AWAY NIT IN HIDING WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED TO HAVE SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT AFTER WAITING FOR YEARS AND TO HAVE A SET IF EYES AS MINE COME SO CAREFULLY THRU THE WEEDS OF A HIDDEN PATH WAS THE MOST EXCITING THING TO WRITE ABOUT THE SHE DRAWS WRITES IN The SHAPE OF MY lazy eyes straight faced eyes left to write like a fathers March in a his army my eyes the color of olives a Dante gold burgundy deepest blue that will look into the eyes to capture a shot of advertising envy for what I have in they will long for and spend swipe offer a number of many. Characters to the person so artistic multiply to come up with the idea to generate in to the strings of the writing spiders strings of color and style is what I long to have on my silhouette my body a proportioned a work hard enough to wear the CK clothes to desire for the crowd to wear your thoughts of style if they wear them as you’d thought they’d be as beautiful to sit again in my crowd and offer cash and numbers full of 0’s with $$$$$$$$$$$ jumping out to your creative hands for your beautiful thoughts to continue to poor out from the writing spider I call soide she is whom soide wishes to wear her strings of thoughts giving soide the writing spider a voice to speak in volumes no other to captivate or inspire me to produce in volumes what you need to her body my stringsro the hands the thoughts the brain will chi ching chi ching chi ching daughter is the model I have dreamed of wished for my entire being super 8 motel Indian trail and hurry she’s not got long to survive with out you . Room 110 she sits waiting to capture the eyes of the most expensive buyers in the all of the world’s cone come spend with us your treasuries . Super 8 more. Indian trail her favorite choice for a clean a professional stay for her thoughts of making a big impress if she had a style more than blue jeans a shirts. Blouses pants dresses high heels accessories jewelry galore scarves if multiple colors thank you, call me Rebecca Stacey Pullman Schank live what I wear and credit card cash will fill you more with what you down on beauty is her


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