Teen Singer Auditions in San Francisco for Girl Group


Girl Band Auditions.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Type: Singers

Are you looking to be famous by with your music and sound?

We are holding online auditions to form a new band with teenagers!

This band is simply an extracurricular and not a full-time commitment.

To audition, send a headshot, a cover song (by singing or instrument), age, school, and contact information. To be a part of this, you must be in the Bay Area.

By being a part of the band, you will get chances to perform at concerts and if it’s going well, you can write singles as well as albums.

If accepted, there will be team bonding and music production. We are looking for 2 lead singers, back up singers, drum players, guitarists, and any other interested instruments. If the audition looks good, you will be contacted within 24 hours by our company. The sooner you audition, the better.

This is to put the band together, the work itself will be done among yourselves. Good luck and audition now!


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco
Please submit to: harvardalumni95@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Vanessa Orion

One thought on “Teen Singer Auditions in San Francisco for Girl Group

  1. claudia

    Hey I live in mexico but I know English very well. I’m 13 almost 14 and I really want to be in this band because of 3 things.
    I want to help in my house with money because we kinda don’t have it.
    I also want to be in the band because I love singing and also because I want to be famous.
    Can you please tell me a solution to this situation.


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