Theater Auditions in Silver Springs, MD for “Ceremonies in Dark Old Men”

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Ceremonies in Dark Old Men

By Lonnie Elder III

Directed by Percy W. Thomas



April 4 ,2020 — April 26, 2020


All will be asked to cold reading from the script. Please bring Headshot and Resume (A selfie picture is acceptable) . This is a non – equity production. Actors will receive a performance stipend.


Role Title: Theopolis Parker

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20-24

Description: The eldest son of Russell Parker, who is a self-styled entrepreneur. Seeking to make his way in life by creating an illegal business. He finds a ready opportunity in his neighborhood. However, he is unable to launch his business without the cooperation of family.


Role Title: Bobby Parker

Gender: Male

Age Range: 16-21

Description: The youngest son of Russell Parker has been stealing since childhood and sees stealing as a way of feeling good about himself and his place in the family. He is sensitive to being perceived as not being smart.

Role Title: Young Girl

Gender: Female

Age Range: 21-30

Description: A younger woman who uses her seduction skills and sexual prowess to exploit older men. She is cunning and vivacious.



The play concerns the ceremonies African American men resort to when society offers them no hope. When hopelessness invades a family tragedy follows. Russel B. Parker a “Dark Old Man” owns a floundering barbershop on 126th Street in Harlem. Mr. William Jenkins, the other “Dark Old Man”, finds a sanctuary in Parker’s barbershop, where he plays checkers and trades insults and dares with Parker. The barbershop provides a space where the two dark old men can be insulated from a society in which they have failed under the norms of a capitalist and a racist culture. Adele, his daughter works and makes enough money for the family to survive. His sons Bobby and Theo seek survival pursuing a life of crime.


Consists of an 8-week rehearsal schedule, 3-4 times per week. The cast will receive a Rehearsal schedule by the first cast meeting or first rehearsal.

If you have any Questions feel free to contact Percy W. Thomas at 443.912.8680

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