Actors in NYC for Web Series “The Green Room”


The Green Room

Location: New York City


Project Description:
The Green Room is a web-series that airs on Facebook. 39-41 pages stream it live and it averages 1.53 million views per episode. Many established stars have appeared such as Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland, Martin Kove, Tommy Davidson, 2 time U.S. Olympian and Hall of Famer Mark Henry, NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry, Todd Bridges, Timothy Busfield, Scott William Winters, Barry Bostwick, Michael Winslow, Diane Franklin, Stephen Tobolowsky, Andrew Cassese, Larry Hankin, Robert Picardo, John Amos and others to come such as John Goodman, Will DeFoe, Antonio Banderas and many more. This show focuses on a Tournament that features Celebrities from the world of Film, Music, TV, Sports, Music, Wrestling,etc all competing for the right to host the actual show. Each competition features challenges such as Improv, Monologues, Debates, Promos, Singing, Music,etc.

Casting Info/Roles:
Alan. 35-65 years. Male. Alan is an ex firefighter with a checkered past. He discovered $275,000 worth of money in the basement of a home that he was attempting to save from burning down. He also discovered a skeleton key made of gold that had the initials G.R. engraved on it. Alan is very curt and borderline hostile when questioned. He doesn’t have thick skin and is quick to snap at those that he feels are judging him.

Harmony. 18-35 years. Female. Harmony is a former exotic dancer. She dreamt of stardom since she can remember but was raised in a very strict household by her single father. Her father was verbally abusive and she ran away when she was 17. She has a keen eye and is very street smart. She relishes in the fact that she has control over men based on her appearance. She is quite striking.

Daniel. 18-35 years. Male. Asian. Daniel comes from a long lineage of family members that have dealt with the occult. He has been heralded as his family’s shining hope for the future. He is witty,charismatic and bright. Ever since he was a child,he decided to make it his life’s goal to infiltrate evil. He has set his sights on The Green Room.

Amber. 35-60 years. Female. Amber is a former High School teacher. She has been divorced 3 times in her life and has decided to prioritize her life by dedicating it to herself. All of that changed when she began watching The Green Room. She noticed that her daughter and son were competing and they have no idea that they are related. She is focusing on finding them and making a life with both of them.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to: by 2021-09-30
Headshot and Resume

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