Casting Pregnant Women Having A Baby Soon for TV Commercial

Casting call for babies who will be born in February for baby formula commercial.

A major baby formula brand is now looking to cast pregnant women or couples who are planning on having a pre term birth or that just recently gave birth to a pre term baby.

A major brand of a baby formula products will be featuring babies who are premature and whose birth date would have been sometime in early February and may have coincided with the date that Superbowl Sunday is on in February of 2022. The commercial is seeking real people, non actors for the spot.

This is for a TV commercial and those cast for the commercial will be paid for their time.  The commercial is paying $500 per adult with an additional $2000 for adult and the baby, whose likeness will appear in the TV commercial.  The production is also offering $50 gift cards to those who submit and whose birthing dates are in that same time.



Seeking Pregnant Women or Couples Who Are Planning a Premature Birth or Just Had A Preterm Birth for a Major Brand of Baby Formula! Must have had a full term due date on or about Superbowl Sunday, Feb 13 (on or within a week of that date).

Seeking Non Professionals (ie non actors)! More details in the flyer. Email ASAP.


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