Short Actor With Martial Arts Skills for Indie Film – Auditions in Portland

By | August 31, 2021

Independent Thriller Film

Location: pNYC 7 PORTLAND, OR

Type: Film

Auditions: Self Submissions Due By 9/2/21


Sag Low Budget PAID

PAID ROLE $2342.00 per week 10% Agency

Requesting Submissions from Only: NEW YORK CITY or PORTLAND AREAS


This role emphasizes body movement and facial expressions.

Someone with Martial Arts experience, yoga, Fluid movement, Dance

18-50, all genders / 5’2 & UNDER

DEMON is small in stature, vicious, and revolting (Special Effects). DEMON slithers and dances through the shadows, appearing at opportune times to take advantage of desperate men. DEMON also has a sense of humor,

Most of the Demon’s performance will be captured through his/her face and as we develop our monster suit and find our creature performer, we are going to be looking for that expressive face that really pushes our
demon to the next level. We are looking for someone small (ideally 5’2 or under) who is able to handle performing through heavy prosthetics and is open to learning Pencak Silat.

This is a thriller that plays to the myth of ICARUS in which the moral is to beware of ambition because risks can lead to unexpected consequences.

The role of DEMON tempts those who possess an ancient dagger with a life of riches or whatever that person desires … but only if they abide by the DEMON’s wishes first.

Fitting for special effects make-up – September in Portland

Filming in NYC must be available October


1. Slate visually and audibly (hold paper w/your stats and say your stats (name, height, location, phone & email ) at the same time)

2. Do a 360 head to toe turn around (make sure we can see your full body)

3. With a medium close up, do your best demonic facial expression while slithering & contorting

4. Read a portion (or all) of the script. You DO NOT have to memorize –feel free to adlib– BUT STAY IN CHARACTER from point #3 … BE the DEMON with the voice … while you are reading

5. Upload audition via

6. Send Submissions to


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: pNYC 7 PORTLAND, OR
Please submit to: by 2021-09-02
Self Submit Video , Headshot & Acting Resume’

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