Theater Auditions fo “Death and Other Girly Things”


Death and Other Girly Things

Location: nationwide

Type: Theater

Death and Other Girly Things, written by RJ Fontaine follows the story of Pam and Paul. Pam, a young divorcee, purchases a replica of a baby’s skeleton from the 1800s. She goes viral for this, thus catching the attention of Dr. Paul Kostopolous, a professor at Yale University for funerary and mortuary studies.

The two travel across the United States interviewing women on thoughts and experiences of death and grieving. Pam’s family struggle with issues regarding trauma, sobriety, and heartbreak.

This dark-comedy covers topics and subjects such as death, trauma, drug abuse, and grief. Please use this to help select audition pieces.

Rehearsals will start on April 6, and last until late May. Rehearsals are slated to take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:00-7:00 PM PST. The filming for this show will take place entirely remotely.

We are casting the roles of…

Pam – LEAD. A young divorcee with an unusual sense of hope. Ability to explore emotion and really express emotion. Incredible comedic moments. Drama/comedy skills needed.

Dr. Paul Kostopolous – LEAD. A young professor at Yale with a quirky style. Smart, knowledgeable, and intelligent.

Shirley – SUPPORTING. Pam’s mother. Southern. Plucky and reliant on her cane.

Martha – SUPPORTING. Pam’s older sister. Southern. Exhausted, trying to connect with a child.

Mary – SUPPORTING. Pam’s younger sister. Southern. Influencer. Decidedly worldly.

Jimmy – SUPPORTING. Pam’s younger brother. Southern. Feral, but kind.

Brian – SUPPORTING. Martha’s husband. Southern. An alcoholic.

Jed – FEATURED. Pam’s estranged father. Southern. Problematic.

Michael – FEATURED. Pam’s ex-husband.

Faith-Lynn – FEATURED. Hokey hometown news reporter.

Charlean – FEATURED. Pro-lifer. Earnest.

Funeral Director – FEATURED. Serious. Honest.

Collector – FEATURED. Matter-of-fact. Blunt.

Late Night Host – FEATURED. Funny, attention-seeking.

Diamond – FEATURED. A hard-edged pageant coach. Physical, strong dancer. Hardass but cares for her students.

Lirah – FEATURED. A colorful art-school dropout. Expressive, honest, and truthful.

Dylan – FEATURED. A socially-inept hacker queen. Smart, witty.

Bob – FEATURED. A “regular” guy.

Roberta – FEATURED. Bob’s wife. An aerobics instructor.

Violet – FEATURED. Pam’s aunt. Campy, trailer-park glam.

Hannah – FEATURED. A mortician. Intricate, complex.

Bartender – FEATURED. Michael’s new fiancee. Sweet.

Margot – FEATURED. New Yorker with… boyfriends.

Doctor – A normal medical professional.

*Featured characters will most likely be doubled.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
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