Auditions for Kids in Louisiana.

Got kids who you want to get into a movie or TV show?

If you live in the New Orleans area of Louisiana, Central is holding an open casting call / audition for kids to be in a movie or a television show. There will be an open call coming up in NOLA area and they are specifically interested in kids in the area whose parents have some time to chaperone their kids on set in the coming weeks.

Central does have an open call going on for kids of various ages, babies all the way to teens.  The casting company will be holding that open call later this month.  There are quite a few shows that are currently filming in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area, some of those shows are Disney projects that tend to need lots of kids for their production needs.

If you live in the New Orleans area and have kids with some free time coming up, check out the casting notice below for the details on how to get your kid or kids into the movies.  Please check out the graphic that is posted down this page to see what the submission instructions are as well as the requirements to land the roles.

Casting Notice:

Do you have children or friends with children interested in background work? Central Casting Louisiana is holding a special Minors Talent Onboarding event on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Looking for babies (must be at least 15 days old), children, and teenagers (up to 17 years old) to work on movies and TV shows.

Make a reservation to bring your minor and their required Form I-9 documentation to our office. (Those without required documentation will be turned away without exception.)
Reservation are required. Learn more and reserve now at:

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