Auditions in Austin for “Roses of the Rubble” – Texas Immersive Institute

By | March 29, 2022

Roses of the Rubble

Location: Austin, Texas area

Type: Other Projects

Casting Call

Texas Immersive Institute – University of Texas, Austin

Production Description

Casting “Roses of the Rubble” an immersive theatre experience that combines live performers, virtual beings, gameplay, and a cyberpunk-meets-steampunk alternate reality which takes place inside a speakeasy. Guests will be attending a “recruiting event” to join a rebellion and combat a corporate-surveillance state. Actors will portray characters within the performance and guide participants through a series of puzzle-like challenges. Production will take place May 13 & 14 in Central East Austin. Actors will be paid for performances and rehearsals.

Send all submissions to Submissions accepted until April 1, 2022. Audition instructions to follow.

Actors & Performers

A former Nox employee in their engineering department; was fired after she began asking too many questions about her brother’s death; fled with pieces of Valens and salvaged what pieces she could of Ben-i before founding Trixi’s Quarter.

Motivation: To shut down Nox and its surveillance technology.

Trixi carries herself with a powerful presence, commanding respect from those around her. In general, she’s pretty talkative and quick-witted. Pretends to do shots with her customers but actually stays sober.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume

A former Nox computer scientist who’s disgusted with what the corporation has done; wants to take them down and reclaim technology for the people. Left Nox and found Trixi’s Quarter.

Motivation: To bring down Nox and democratize its technology for the people.

Damon is always sharply dressed though physically pretty plain. He wears thick-rimmed glasses and is a little scruffy. He always has a whiskey in hand but never seems to be drinking. He’s jittery—knees bounding, fingers tapping, and seems to smile at nothing.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume

THYME HOOK Female, 21+

Another former Nox employee, Thyme was disposed of by the company when they realized she was all brains and no brawn. Now Thyme is a digital bot fighter, thanks to a number of gadgets Trixi has been able to procure for her in the past.

Motivation: To make her grand debut as a robot fighter and take down Nox.

Thyme wears ragged, dirty clothes and has an undercut of greasy hair. She always sounds bored, ready to be anywhere but here—if you get her talking about her robots though she won’t stop talking. She’s a slob and doesn’t care; dirt, grime, and robot oil are her accessories. She picks her nails and blows her hair out of her face because she doesn’t have time to put it up again.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume

Phoenicia grew up in Austin and worked in the Nox mines. The terrible work and fumes led her to become quite forgetful and anxious. Although she’s close with those at the Quarter, her best friend is online: a kind woman named Bullettooth Tink. She’s shy, courteous and polite.

Motivation: To live free of Nox’s terror and to form meaningful relationships in the digital and physical world.

Phoenicia has heterochromatic eyes. She wears long dresses, long sleeves, high necks. She likes to have something in hand to mess with, and keep her mind off her anxieties.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume

LYNX MORELLI Female, 21+

Born and raised in Austin, Lynx used to try to work against Nox on her own, but after her first big invention failed, she realized she needed help. It was then that Trixi found Lynx. She took Lynx under her wing and introduced her to the people who built her robotic arm and then helped her develop her Lux Lights.

Motivation: To protect her loved ones from Nox’s surveillance and be able to live her life

Lynx is dressed all in blue and has a robot arm. She speaks with a Long Island type of accent. She talks fast and loud, and likes to doodle flowers and fun things on her metal arm.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Austin, Texas area
Please submit to: See above by 2022-04-02
headshot, resume, auditions will be scheduled after casting call responses

This casting notice was posted by: Texas Immersive Institute at The University of Texas

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