Casting Call for JC Penney Commercial in NY and Miami – Families

By | December 22, 2022

2nd Casting for NYC & Miami

JCPenney is casting Hispanic people and their families in the NY or Miami areas, who have a milestone or achievement that is a “first” in their family. Such achievements could be the first to own a house, the first to have a specific career, or be the first to celebrate a milestone in a unique way (ie. someone who wasn’t able to have a quinceañera, so is having a treintañera).

JCP wants to highlight a “first” in a US Hispanic family, told from the POV of the “pionero” and the family member(s) that help achieve their goals and show how the sacrifices of one generation can provide opportunities for the next one.

Filming would be in the NY or Miami area on February 9th, with a possible fitting day before hand.
Compensation: $1000/person
Video will be used on socials and in a spot on Univision.
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